March 25, 2013

Les Lunes

Back when I posted about my favorite baby items I talked about buying Adler a little nightgown made by Kickee Pants at Von Maur.  I was seriously in love with this little thing!  I even took it to the hospital with me - not so he would actually wear it - but to maybe just pet it while I was in labor and imagine my little bubby wearing it - its THAT SOFT.  But we all know things did not go as planned at the hospital :(
Anyways - I always wished Kickee Pants made clothes in my size and although I did find where they made a pajama set it was a long sleeve button down top and pants - not something I would normally wear.  While I was up in the middle of the night pumping a few weeks ago I looked at an email from Totsy and my eyes immediately went to the words "Bamboo  Fabric."  I knew Adler's little outfits were made out of Bamboo.  I had never bought anything off of Totsy before but I bought 3 half price gift certificates from a company called Les Lunes because I was sold on the fact that they had bras (and nursing bras) made out of bamboo!
I got right on that night and placed my first order.  I ordered a regular bra and a nursing bra.  They looked like this:
I ordered both bras in an XS based on their "fitting room" suggestions.  A couple of days later I got a phone call from them saying that they did not have the nursing bra in an XS so we decided I would try the size small.  She said to let her know how it fit.  I was SO excited when I got my package in the mail.  The regular bra fit perfect but I was so bummed that the nursing bra was just too big.  So I called them up - and got a REAL person :)  We chatted for a while and she said they would be sending me out a cami that would be easy to nurse in.  I got the cami last week:
Good Lord.  Please excuse the messy hair and lack of make-up ----> that's just how I roll these days.  Taking this picture made me think of the last time I took a picture down in Dustin's bathroom:
And I still had 4 weeks to go!
Anyways, along with my new cami there was a great little Thank You card from the owner of the company herself thanking me for my feedback and as a Thank You she sent me the Charlotte Lounge Dress
Charlotte Lounge Dress
How beautiful is that!  I am SO impressed with not only the products I have received from Les Lunes but with their customer service!  I also got an email from them with a code for 30% off to share with my friends and family :)
Promo code: LANEFAM
Be sure to check them out - I'll be ordering a long sleeve t-shirt this week!
** No, Les Lunes has no idea I'm posting this - I'm just that excited about their products! **


Brooke Grieder said...

sounds like a great company! i will have to check them out. Have you ever shopped at Soma? It is next to Von Maur. Their clothes feel like bamboo! I have a couple things and love them. Your next purchase should be bamboo sheets for your bed....amazing!

Tess Weber-Popejoy said...

No, I'll have to check out Soma! I'm in the process of re-doing my bedroom and I've already started researching bamboo sheets!!!

April said...

So far, I have Soma cami bras and their sleepwear. The fit is so comfortable and heavenly that I even forget to take it off when I go to bed. Try checking them out when you have time. I enjoyed reading your post!