February 8, 2010

Mommy's Birthday

This past Wednesday was my 24th birthday. The day started out bad (Asher peeing out, puking on the new carpet, Boo running away) and didn't get much better. Dustin's Grandpa George passed away that night after suffering 2 strokes that day. There wasn't much of a celebration that night but my family did make it over for late pizza and cake.
Asher & Papa

Such a big boy!
Check me out Aunt Kristi! I have on my outfit you got me for Christmas. Good thing we went back and got the 18 mo instead! Goes good with his boots :)
Asher got me a coffee mug with his picture on it
And he had his fist in the cake before anyone could catch him
Helping Mommy
Awwww my little snuggle bear

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