June 30, 2010

It's Our Anniversary

3 Years ago today Dustin & I got married.  I almost wish I could do it again so I could really enjoy it, it all went so fast that I don't even remember most of the day.  That, and I really wanna wear my dress again.  Especially because I think I might even fit in it again!!! 
3 of my Bridesmaids.  I LOVED the flowers!

We left he church on my Dad's 1920 Maxwell Firetruck.  It was awesome and one of my favorite parts of the day.

I still can't believe that we all fit.

The Walton Centre was beautiful and turned out exactly like how I had pictured.  My two favorite colors of course.

My cute little cake
Awww look, we used to be smoochy smoochy

My Dad and I during our dance.  I love this picture because you can see the detail in my dress.  My dress was AMAZING and my veil was so cool too.  I don't have many pictures to share because there aren't that many snapshots around.  Everything was taken by our photographer so I don't have access anymore :(
I think my Mom would probably tell you the best money we spent was on the band.  She really enjoyed herself as you can see.
We left the next day for our Honeymoon in Punta Cana for 11 days 10 nights.  It was a blast but let me tell you, that is a whole lot of togetherness and we were ready to come home.  And I was missing Boo.  Here are a few highlights from our trip.

Catamaran tour
How Dustin spent his free time
And how I spent mine
And we met some great people - Scott & Lacey

The whole group

June 29, 2010

RJ's 16th Birthday Party

On Sunday we got together for RJ's 16th Birthday at Mom & Dad's.  He turns 16 today, the 29th so LOOK OUT!
The best picture we got of Asher, Ashlyn and Kane

He never lets go of the golf clubs!
Kane thought he better water Mom's rocks for her
Mommy carried buckets and buckets full of hot water out to the pool but my Little Wussy boy still cried most of the time.  As you can see, a little cold water didn't bother Ashlyn at all!

The bigger kids got out the slip-n-slide and Miss Ashlyn had to give that a try too.  I love this picture of her "bowling."

After the party was winding down a bunch of us headed to the golf course and played a scramble.  Dustin, Kate, Ethan and I won!  Mom and Heidi watched Asher and we all went back to Mom and Dads for left overs.  It was a long day and Little Man was ready for bed when we got home.

June 28, 2010

At Work With Daddy

Last Friday we stopped at the Shop for a little bit to see Dustin.  Asher got to go for his first ride on - well I have no idea what this thing is to tell you truth - but Asher had fun.

He did some exploring and got really dirty.  Not bad for his first day on the job!

This one was taken at the Popejoy Customer Appreciation Day in Dwight.  Asher was walking around next to the truck and I had to laugh at how little he looked!

Car Show

On Saturday we headed up to Dwight for Popejoy's Customer Appreciation Day and for the Cruise Night on Main Street.  Dustin had gone up to the shop early so Asher and I followed Dad and RJ in the Vette.  RJ was so excited to get to drive that he killed it on Wanda Lane and we had a dead battery.  I went around the block and got the jumper cables, a few minutes later we were back on our way!
After a stop for lunch at Popejoy's we went to Phil Becker's for a little Hot Rod picnic with all the "old guys."  Turns out Dustin's Dad, Grandma and Grandma Lawrence and Uncle Mark and Aunt Leann were there too.  Along with this Great Aunt and Uncle.  Lots of Family!
Looking like a cool dude in his shades with G-Mama

He also made friends with Lydia Kilgus, Dayton & Joni Kilgus's little girl who was there with her Grandparents Tom & Mary Lou Culkin.
Then we went up to Main Street for the Cruise Night - Asher got to go for a ride in his wagon
I think this was Auntie Taylor's "You better smile for the camera or else" speech.
Driving Papa's Corvette
And Auntie Taylor's GTO
But Most of the time he just wanted Papa to hold him
My car didn't win any special awards, from now on I'm not parking next to my sister.
Because she took home Best Paint and isn't even old enough to drink the bottle of wine that she won.

June 24, 2010

My Little Hair Stylist

I guess this is what happens when little boys spend all of their time with their Mommy. Every morning Asher plays in the bathroom/bedroom while I get ready for work. He loves to pull out the brushes and brush his hair. He also loves the blush brushes but I don't think his Papa Randy would like me to post a video of that one on here.

And here is one of my cutie playing with his new fridge toy from his cousin Charlee

June 23, 2010

3 Years Ago Today...

I was at my Bachelorette Party doing this:
And Jello Shots
And Mom was grindin on the "Black Shirt Guy"
Yeah, way too much fun.
Loved my future Sister-in-Law (still do!)
Rae making friends with "Purple Shirt Guy," he would come in handy to wipe the puke off of her face later on in the night.
Working on my dancing skills at Big Als
4 AM - What a long night.
And an even longer one spent sleeping on the bathroom floor.
I had so much fun that night!  Can't wait til the Sister gets married and I have an excuse to party like that again :)