December 31, 2011

December Randoms

Here are the last bits of December pictures that didn't make any specific post...
Nicole Winterland called me about taking some pictures of Jeff's guitar for Christmas.  I think the standout collage turned out pretty cool. 
When I make Asher's bed this is what I find.  Yes, he sleeps with all of that junk.  PS - is that horse nightlight not the coolest thing ever?!?! 
We went to Mom & Dad's for New Year's Eve.  I had to laugh when Jan and Roger's wagon was by the back door.  They live across the street so just pulled their cooler on over! 
Asher has been carrying around his  Woody doll lately wrapped in his night night. 
He calls him Brudder.  And he says all the things to Woody that I say to him.  I overheard him "tucking him in" and said "Lay down Brudder.  Just a sip, just a liddle tiny sip of water.  You'll pee the bed."  He's so funny. 
I decided to buy a sewing machine with some Christmas money I had from Dustin's Dad and Sue.  Grandma Jane came over one afternoon and helped The Sister and me with our first project! 
I think my little bed pocket turned out pretty good.  Now, don't laugh Rachel, I haven't used a sewing machine since I took clothing in High School :)

I love this.  Earlier this week we ate dinner at Mom & Dad's and The Sister and RJ were fighting about who had to unload which section of the dishwasher.  Taylor gave RJ a little shove and Asher was SO offended.  He was still talking about it when we got home that night so I had to record a video and send it to TeeTee.  Please notice Asher's "accent" - he's such a little hick.  :)

Christmas with Deb

On New Years Eve day we had Christmas with Dustin's Mom and Steve.
The kids didn't know what to think of the snowman 
Poor kid thinks that getting presents is the norm now. 

Charlee got a Dora Dollhouse - Asher loved it!
Asher got a cowboy hat!  He didn't know what to think of it at first... 
But eventually he put it on 
And so did Charlee 
He looked so cute riding Daddy's rocking horse!

December Favorites

Asher gets so excited every morning to go out looking for where the Elf  "landed" the night before!

Brantley's new single is out on Country Radio and CMT - have you heard it yet?  Hopefully he'll have another #1 soon!

Oh My.  This stuff is awesome.  I've been following this blog for the past couple of weeks ever since I saw something of hers on Pinterest.  She has great step by step hair tutorials and ideas.In case you were wondering why there are no pics of me lately its because I'm once again growing out my hair.  Its in that awkward stage where I usually give up and cut it off.  I'm trying REALLY hard not to do that.
This book is hilarious.  I love her crude sense of humor in this book.  A must read if you're pregnant.  But I would either recommend reading it after you've experienced a pregnancy or at least 8 months in to really appreciate it.  You laugh harder because you know exactly what she's talking about. 
If you happen to love oatmeal as much as I do you'll love this!  The strawberries & Cream is my favorite.  The best part about this is that the pouch that they come in doubles as a measuring cup.  I can just stick a packet in my bag when I leave the house and mix it up in my coffee cup at work.  And its way better than any instant oatmeal I've ever had and sells for $1 a box at County Market.

Cute little hardbound books

They include every single picture I posted.  This is the compressed version.

A handy table of contents

I cannot say enough good things about these books.  I have printed books of my blog for 2009 & 2010 and will be doing 2011 in January.  All you do is plug in your blog address and they do the rest of the work for you by including all your posts - pictures included!  I love that this pregnancy I've been able to go back to my blog book when I was pregnant with Asher and compare things.  My only decision this year is whether I should get 2 copies.  I'm thinking these would be great to give to my boys when they're older because they are basically the story of our lives..... hmmm tough decision.  Just to give you an idea a blog with as many posts as I have will run about $110 for their compressed version and $150 if I want to keep my layout.  Every year it gets more expensive because I've been better at keeping up with this thing!

December 30, 2011

UFC Fight

Last Friday night Dustin ordered the UFC fight so we had a few people over.  Asher got to hang out with Charlee and I got my Axel fix for the night.
Aunt TeeTee can be a bad influence... 
Two little Monkeys! 
But they play together so well! 
I'm glad the next two little Popejoy's will be so close in age too 
It took us a while to realize that Beau held this doll most of the night.  You would catch him patting her back every once in a while.  Hmmmm maybe they'll have a boy this time!   They find out January 5th! 
Axel also got some time with Charlee's baby.  I can't believe how big he is already! 
We had a great time with Dustin's cousins and my sister. 
We'll have to do it again soon!

Righter Christmas

We had Christmas with the Righter side in the afternoon on Christmas Day.  After Mom & Dad's we went home and unloaded and loaded back up. 
Asher scored some more great gifts! 
And Nana Jane bought him a new hat!  He still tries to wear his infant size one all the time. 
Asher and Ashlyn played with her new play dough ice cream shop.  (see Asher's new tape measure?) 
Kane was one tired little boy and fell asleep right after opening his gifts
Of course the kids had to go pester Papa/Uncle No.
Dad said Asher is about big enough to go from Papa Yes to Papa No.  Uh Oh. 
He gave Ashlyn a ride in her new baby stroller. 
Just look at my lil guy!  He got a new coat - Just like RJ's!
He even wears his hat all the way up like RJ, which is funny and scary at the same time!

December 29, 2011

Christmas Morning

When we got home from Mom & Dad's Christmas Eve we let Asher pick 2 cookies to put out for Santa and he chose 2 brownies.  He dropped the plate once in the kitchen and once in the entryway but was pretty darn proud of himself for carrying the plate downstairs by himself.

He put the brownies and milk down by the fireplace.  I'm glad he didn't ask me how he was going to get through there! 
In the morning he got up and said "Holy Cow" about a million times and pointed to everything and asked "Where Santa buy that at?" 
After he had a chance to play for a while we headed to Mom & Dad's to open gifts
Taylor got a recipe for cinnamon roll waffles off of pinterest.  How easy are these?  Just use the cinnamon rolls in the can (She used Grands and I think they were a little too big) put them in the waffle iron for a bit and you get these: 
Spread the icing on top and they were yummy! 
Asher enjoyed breakfast too!
Mom got Dad an IPad.  I think he's still working on how to use it.  Maybe using Mom's glasses helps?!?!
There was some cuddle/wrestling time with Papa 
And Taylor showed Dustin how to use his new IPad that Mom & Dad got him.  I was so afraid he'd just go buy himself one cuz he wanted one so bad.

Little Brudder got some gifts too.  I can't believe how small newborn diapers and clothes are!