December 30, 2011

Righter Christmas

We had Christmas with the Righter side in the afternoon on Christmas Day.  After Mom & Dad's we went home and unloaded and loaded back up. 
Asher scored some more great gifts! 
And Nana Jane bought him a new hat!  He still tries to wear his infant size one all the time. 
Asher and Ashlyn played with her new play dough ice cream shop.  (see Asher's new tape measure?) 
Kane was one tired little boy and fell asleep right after opening his gifts
Of course the kids had to go pester Papa/Uncle No.
Dad said Asher is about big enough to go from Papa Yes to Papa No.  Uh Oh. 
He gave Ashlyn a ride in her new baby stroller. 
Just look at my lil guy!  He got a new coat - Just like RJ's!
He even wears his hat all the way up like RJ, which is funny and scary at the same time!

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