October 29, 2008

Dr. Appointment

I had another Dr's appt yesterday. She said that all my blood levels came back good and that the due date that the sonogram gave me matched the one that she had. Also, I got to hear the heartbeat, so that was really cool. She said usually you can't hear it until about 12 weeks, but I was able to hear it at 7 1/2. Now I won't have to go back for another 4 weeks.

October 28, 2008

REO Concert

Friday night Me & Dustin, Mom & Dad, Taylor & Josh, Heidi & Kevin, and Kevin & Mel took a limo to Champaign for Dad's birthday. We went out for pizza at Papa Del's then went to the REO Concert. They were really good, especially for how old they are ;)

We had quite an eventful ride home. We made it to main street in Gibson before our limo broke down. So there we were after midnight on main street with a semi trying to jump us and two cop cars behind us with their lights on. Too bad I was too tired to get out and get a picture of that. Kevin called a girl that works for him to come pick him up. So 8 of us piled in Kevin Bruckers surburban and rode home. We left the poor limo driver with the car. But it was a fun night!

October 20, 2008

First Ultrasound

Today I had my first ultrasound in Gibson. That little round thing towards the bottom left hand side of the black sac is the baby. About the size of a grain of rice. Mom and I were amazed that at 6 weeks we could even see the tiny heartbeat and she could measure the beats per minute. Not much to see this time, but hopefully next time we'll have something a little more "baby like."

October 15, 2008

First Doctor's Appointment

Yesterday we had our first appointment with Dr. Austman. Everything went good and she confirmed that my due date is June 12, 2009. I was fine until they took the 8 vials of blood and I almost passed out. She was done and said "ok you can go now" I just looked at her and said that I needed to sit there for a minute. The blood was rushing in my ears and I was really dizzy... I felt so stupid! Before I knew it I was laying down and one nurse was fanning me and another had cold towels on my face. Then Becky Miller came in with a coke. After a couple of minutes I was fine, but how embarrassing!

They scheduled my first ultrasound for next Monday the 20th. If we get a picture I'll be sure to post it. Seems really early for one, but oh well!

I've been feeling really good, just tired. This morning I had my first little wave of nausea, but it wasn't too bad. Dustin is leaving for Las Vegas tomorrow afternoon so that will give me some time for rest! He's going for the weekend with Kevin Kafer, so it could get interesting... glad I wont be there!

October 7, 2008

We're Having a Baby!!!

I got a little surprise on Saturday morning! I was having cramps all last week so I was ready to start my period on Friday. Friday came and went and I thought maybe I had the day wrong. But I woke up Saturday morning and had one test left at home so I decided to take it for the heck of it... I just stared at it, and sat there for a few minutes asking Boo if that was really a + sign. I didn't believe it so I drove to Fairbury and bought two more tests: both positive too.
I just sat there thinking "OMG OMG OMG what do I do now?!?!" So I found the shirt I had ordered for Boo back in June and put it on him. It said "I'm Gonna Be a Big Brother." So Boo and I sat on the couch at 11:00 and waited for Dustin to get home.
And waited...And waited...And waited. Finally he came home about 4:30 and couldn't believe it either. It was really fun to tell our family, especially Beau and Jodi! Jodi and I are sooo excited to be able to experience this together, being only 6 weeks apart.
According to the internet my due date would be approx. June 12... Dustin's Birthday!!! I go see Dr Austman next Tuesday so we'll get all the details then.