May 31, 2011

Vegas - Sunday Funday

Sunday was my favorite day in Vegas.  This is mostly due to the fact that we went to Gilley's that night.  After a week away from country music I have never been so happy to see boots in my life!  But we'll get to that in a minute.

In the afternoon on Sunday we went shopping and then got cleaned up for dinner at The Range in Harrahs.
I bought this dress that day because it reminded me of Grandma Glo - I swear we played dress-up with a dress that looked just like this.  But I doubt Glo ever wore anything that short. 

I went to the bathroom and this "statue" said hi to me and scared the shit out of me.  I spent the next 15 minutes watching him get every person that walked by. 
After that we headed down to Fremont Street 

And had shots at the Golden Nugget 
Then we went back to the strip and stopped at Gilley's.  I had told everyone I couldn't go home without at least stopping in. 
Rachel even rode the bull!  She was the only one with enough balls to try it. 
Taylor was enjoying herself too 
But not nearly as much as I was! 

I was in heaven 

Look!  Willie Nelson was even there  
 And he sang a song
This guy was the host of the bull riding contest 
And I blame this guy for getting me wasted.  I was at Gilleys, drinking Coors light, and this hottie -who runs the bull- jumps on the bull and rides to BRANTLEY GILBERT.  Wow, life doesn't get much better than that.

It definitely didn't get any better a couple hours later when I had to get on the plane in the same clothes I wore the night before.  My contacts were glued to my eyes so I just threw them away, put my glasses on and brushed my teeth.  5 AM came way too early.

May 26, 2011

Old Pictures

We got a new computer last week.  The other night I was transferring all of our old files to a flash drive.  I came across a folder of pictures labeled "Pictures 2004-2007."  Haha enjoy.
This is Dustin & Mike Winegar circa 2005.
Today is Mike's 30th Birthday, wish him a Happy Birthday.
This is my cousin E when he was little.  Asher reminds me a lot of him.  
Me with my in-laws, in Mexico, after too much tequila. 
Ozarks 2004.  I had long hair and Dustin wasn't bald. 
This is my little brother when he was still shorter than me.  
This is me water skiing.  I do it once a year to prove I can. 
Popejoy Pumpkin Killing 2004 - we looked like babies!
There are lots of pictures of pipes on my computer.
Mr Big Shot 
My favorite picture I found.  At the Fireman's Pub in Indy during Super Chevy.
Priceless picture of Dad - sums him up perfectly.

May 24, 2011

Vegas - Saturday

Saturday we spent most of the morning walking around and showing Taylor the different casinos.  The weather in Vegas was beautiful and 93 degrees!  I called Dustin and he said it was raining and 50 at home.

After our tour of Casinos we decided to head back to our hotel to sit by the pool for the afternoon.  The "young girls" hung out in the pool while the ladies sat on the upper deck sunning themselves.  We knew we needed to be rested up because we were going to see the Thunder From Down Under that night at 11 PM!
This is my cousin Jordi, isn't she too cute? 
After we finished our $20 poolside drinks we went up to the room to get ready for dinner.  We ate at Toby Keith's I Love this Bar.  The food was good and I loved the names of everything on the menu!
Taylor had a "Toad Suck Pond" while I enjoyed a "White Trash with Money"
And Milissa & Addie hung out with Toby.

After dinner we decided to go the O'Sheas so the girls could play beer pong.  I had no desire to play, evidently beer pong came after I got out of High School.
This was the longest game of beer pong ever
And if you've never been there, O'Sheas is a dive.  I can't believe those girls would drink anything after those ping pong balls had been on that grody floor.  Addie sent me a FB message when we got home saying she thought she had strep throat and she was pretty sure she had contracted it at O'Sheas.
Finally it was time for the Thunder!  All 13 of us went - even my Grandma (but she's cool like that) and my Great Aunt Annie!  We had a blast.  If you ever get away with the girls its a good time. 
I paid $40 for the Sister and I to get our picture taken.  When I turned 21 I think it only cost $5 but they had a Polaroid then.
We ended up at Coyote Ugly later that night.  This time it was Rachel who danced on the bar instead of Milissa.

May 23, 2011

Vegas - Friday

We left for Vegas on Friday morning and I think all 13 of us were pretty excited!  I think the sister was a little upset with me on the plane that I chose to read my camera manual rather than play angry birds with her and Heidi.  BUT I need to take any "free" time and use it to my advantage!

As I was sitting there reading I was overhearing bits and pieces of the conversation going on behind me.  Addie was discussing her upcoming wedding with Grandma Jane and our Great Aunt Annie.  I was only half listening but I heard Addie say "I just don't know how I'll get pregnant, I mean I know how but I have a really short torso - what if it breaks my ribs?"  Its always a good time when you have Addie along for entertainment!
I was hoping I would learn something and I think I did but there really wasn't a good time or place to lug my camera to take pictures.  I think you'll be able to tell on here which ones were taken with my D3100 and which ones with my point and shoot.  Let me just say this: I freakin hate point and shoot cameras now.
Moving on.
We got there and jumped in our limo bus and downed all the champagne before we even left the airport parking lot.  Oops.

We went up and everyone put their things in their assigned rooms then it was down to the casino to check out what was going on that night.  Here is the Sister playing the slots for the first time!

We no more than walked outside of Harrah's and straight into this mess.  We ran right into Carnaval Court and didn't leave for the rest of the night.  The other girls had shots.  I still had my sober b*tch face on.  It always takes me a little while to not be totally appaled by these situations.  I had been outside no more than 30 seconds and Jessie's Girl was playing.  Some guy came up to me and was like " Are you Jessie's girl?"  It totally pissed me off that some random guy would walk up to a girl and say that.  So I said "No, I'm my husband's girl."  He just stared at me and walked away.  For the record, this technique was pretty much out the window by Sunday.

I want you to meet Tyler.  He was our entertainment for the night.  Addie said he was there the last time she was in Vegas so I asked him how often he comes to Carnaval Court and he said EVERY WEEKEND.  Shit, this guy was funny.

Check out the Sister in this picture...Awesome.

Our girls dancing with Tyler 
He thought we were fun and we thought he was hott.

Ohhhh Sister. 
Miss Mel and Heidi 
Whats wrong with all my pictures? 
The end of the night.  This is about the time the Sister was yelling at Mom "I just wanna do what I wanna DO."  Evidently the Birthday girl thought she should get to choose what we did that weekend :)