May 23, 2011

Vegas - Friday

We left for Vegas on Friday morning and I think all 13 of us were pretty excited!  I think the sister was a little upset with me on the plane that I chose to read my camera manual rather than play angry birds with her and Heidi.  BUT I need to take any "free" time and use it to my advantage!

As I was sitting there reading I was overhearing bits and pieces of the conversation going on behind me.  Addie was discussing her upcoming wedding with Grandma Jane and our Great Aunt Annie.  I was only half listening but I heard Addie say "I just don't know how I'll get pregnant, I mean I know how but I have a really short torso - what if it breaks my ribs?"  Its always a good time when you have Addie along for entertainment!
I was hoping I would learn something and I think I did but there really wasn't a good time or place to lug my camera to take pictures.  I think you'll be able to tell on here which ones were taken with my D3100 and which ones with my point and shoot.  Let me just say this: I freakin hate point and shoot cameras now.
Moving on.
We got there and jumped in our limo bus and downed all the champagne before we even left the airport parking lot.  Oops.

We went up and everyone put their things in their assigned rooms then it was down to the casino to check out what was going on that night.  Here is the Sister playing the slots for the first time!

We no more than walked outside of Harrah's and straight into this mess.  We ran right into Carnaval Court and didn't leave for the rest of the night.  The other girls had shots.  I still had my sober b*tch face on.  It always takes me a little while to not be totally appaled by these situations.  I had been outside no more than 30 seconds and Jessie's Girl was playing.  Some guy came up to me and was like " Are you Jessie's girl?"  It totally pissed me off that some random guy would walk up to a girl and say that.  So I said "No, I'm my husband's girl."  He just stared at me and walked away.  For the record, this technique was pretty much out the window by Sunday.

I want you to meet Tyler.  He was our entertainment for the night.  Addie said he was there the last time she was in Vegas so I asked him how often he comes to Carnaval Court and he said EVERY WEEKEND.  Shit, this guy was funny.

Check out the Sister in this picture...Awesome.

Our girls dancing with Tyler 
He thought we were fun and we thought he was hott.

Ohhhh Sister. 
Miss Mel and Heidi 
Whats wrong with all my pictures? 
The end of the night.  This is about the time the Sister was yelling at Mom "I just wanna do what I wanna DO."  Evidently the Birthday girl thought she should get to choose what we did that weekend :)

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