May 19, 2011

Wonder Where I've Been?

I did make it back from Vegas and we had a BLAST.  But Asher must have thought he needed to throw me right back into Mommy mode because he came down with a nasty case of the flu this week.  So we've been doing a lot of this:

On Tuesday nights Dustin has golf league so Asher and I always eat at Mom and Dad's.  That night I put Asher in his seat and gave him his food.  I went to get my plate and I heard him start to cry and looked over and he was puking ALL OVER.  I thought he must have chocked on something because he seemed fine and he was at the sitter that day and she didn't mention anything either.  So we cleaned him up and he ate again.  What a trooper!

Asher and I ran to Dave's after we left Mom and Dad's and about 2 aisles into the store he got that look.  I just about died.  I tried to catch it with my hands, what was I thinking?  So I just stood there stunned while he chucked his second supper all over him, me and the floor of the grocery store.  Shit.

Sorry can't get this one turned around!

Thankfully the little checker girl was nice about it and gave me some paper towels and a bag to put his clothes in.  I left my cart there and we walked out covered in puke - it was even squishing between my toes because I had flip flops on.  This was seriously my most embarrassing parenting moment yet.  I got him out to the car and stripped him to his diaper so I could put him in his car seat.  We got home and threw everything in the washing machine, both our shoes included.  Shortly after we got out the shower the diarrhea started.  Lovely.

I think I seriously changed about 25 diapers on Wednesday.  His poor little bottom was so sore he couldn't even walk.  Annie came and stayed with him today and he was still at it.  He has a Dr appointment tomorrow just in case the diarrhea doesn't stop, the poor kid hasn't ate since sometime on Tuesday.

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