February 26, 2010

One Little Monkey Jumpin on the Bed

February 24, 2010

He Looks Like His Mama!

I've been meaning to get these pictures scanned but when I saw that the age on the back was 8.5 months I thought this was the perfect time cuz I was the same age that he is now!

Wow Dad, nice glasses and oh how skinny you were.

I think that my little Bubby looks just like his Mommy no matter what anyone says! We don't have any pictures of Dustin as a baby but if I ever get any I'll scan them and get them posted.

February 23, 2010

My new Kindle!

I was so excited on Saturday when this arrived in the mail! When the new Kindle came out I wanted one really bad but there was nothing wrong with mine. But a few weeks ago I was on Amazon.com and looked at it again and saw that it had the Text-To-Speech feature. WOW.
Mom bought my old one and now I can "listen" to books while I'm driving to work... while I'm in the tanning bed... I think that also means that I could listen to them while I'm on the treadmill IF I really wanted to.

February 22, 2010

Asher & Charlee

On Sunday afternoon Beau, Jodi and Charlee stopped by for a visit. Asher was napping when they got there but once he got up they played pretty well together. They both fell down and bumped their heads. We found that if one of them started crying the other thought they had to too. We might have our hands full later on.
Standing up at the activity table all by themselves!

Deep in conversation
This is also something we're seeing a lot of around our house lately. I miss those days when I could put him down on his blanket and he would stay there.
On a side note, we had a night from hell last night. My little Bubby decided to stay up between midnight and 3:30. I'm just not used to getting up with him at night so it was really rough on me. I really hope he has a pearly white to show for all this by the end of the week. I even did the unthinkable and put him in bed with me last night, but it lasted a whole 10 minutes before he was back in the crib. After about 2 hours I thought I would let him cry it out. After about 5 minutes I thought his cry sounded a little different so I ran in there and he was up on his knees holding on to the side (I had asked Dustin to lower the mattress yesterday but that didn't get done). Needless to say he was only happy if I was holding him and rocking him. Poor thing finally got up at 7:30 this morning when Grandma Jane got there. She'll get him straightened out today.

February 17, 2010

A different kind of BooBoo

It was just a matter of time. Asher got his first booboo this morning. And no, I don't mean BooBear. I don't know yet if it left a bruise or not, I guess I'll find out when I see him at lunch today. It seems that when we got back from Starved Rock on Sunday he decided that he was a little daredevil. I was sitting on the couch trying to post pictures and he was pulling himself up on to the edge of the chair and scooting across the floor.

We still aren't crawling but somehow when you aren't looking he can get across the floor. So the baby gate went up at the top of the stairs on Monday! This morning he was playing in our room while I was in the bathroom getting ready. He was right next to the door playing with the remote. He scooted over next to the bathroom door and was banging the remote on the door frame then decided to try to pull himself up. Well sometimes he doesn't think he needs to hold on and he slipped and bumped his head. There was a red mark on his forehead when I dropped him off at Mom and Dad's this morning. Poor Baby :(

February 14, 2010

Weekend at Starved Rock

This weekend we went to Grand Bear Lodge with Mom, Dad and RJ and Ryan, Milissa and Ashlyn. We had a good time but the kids were a little young for the water and amusement park.
The most fun Asher and Ashlyn had all weekend was in the big tub in Mom and Dad's room!

Asher playing with his Mardi Gras beads at Duffy's
Dustin and Ashlyn
Yes she's wearing my shoes - missed it when she had Mom's purse too
Couldn't resist a little photo shop tattoo
Asher's 1st swimming pool
He was not so sure about the pool
But Ashlyn was like a little fish!
Ashlyn got to ride on the tilt-a-whirl
And Asher on the merri-go-round
Zonked out
And again

February 8, 2010

Mommy's Birthday

This past Wednesday was my 24th birthday. The day started out bad (Asher peeing out, puking on the new carpet, Boo running away) and didn't get much better. Dustin's Grandpa George passed away that night after suffering 2 strokes that day. There wasn't much of a celebration that night but my family did make it over for late pizza and cake.
Asher & Papa

Such a big boy!
Check me out Aunt Kristi! I have on my outfit you got me for Christmas. Good thing we went back and got the 18 mo instead! Goes good with his boots :)
Asher got me a coffee mug with his picture on it
And he had his fist in the cake before anyone could catch him
Helping Mommy
Awwww my little snuggle bear

February 3, 2010

Mmmmm Ice Cream!

On Sunday night we went out to Annie and Merle's for dinner. We had DQ ice cream cake for an early birthday cake for me. Of course Auntie Taylor had to give Asher a bite (or 2 or 20) and he LOVED it!

February 2, 2010

8 Months!

Hard to believe my little moose is 8 months old already! I tried to get a picture this morning but evidently he was a little tired.
Some 8 Month Stats
Weight: 20 lbs (approx)
Height (nooooo idea, tall)
Clothes: I put on a 12 month outfit this morning and we had to squeeeeeeze into it.

Asher loves to eat, play with phones and remotes, for you to sing to him (even me), try to pet Boo and pull hair. We still aren't crawling but are oh so close. I think one day something will click and there will be no turning back.

As I was trying to snap a last minute picture of Asher this morning for his "8 month" picture Boo was whining. I feel bad for Boo. This blog used to be called "Me and You and a Dog Named Boo" then it was called "Me and You and a Dog Named Boo - and now a Baby Too!". Well poor Boo has been completely left off. So he told me to tell you that it will be his 4 1/2 birthday on Monday the 8th. He likes the dehydrated chicken fillets from Sams. Thanks.

A Visit with Miss Ashlyn!

On Saturday me, Dustin, Asher, Taylor and Josh went to Pekin to stay with Ryan, Milissa and Ashlyn. We stayed home that night and the guys cooked steaks on the grill and smoked stogies in the garage and the girls had a glass of wine and played with the kiddos in the house.

Zelma is always such a good girl! I can't believe the way she lets Ashlyn beat on her.

Asher 8 mos and Ashlyn 18 mos

Have you noticed in every picture with another baby he has his hand on their shoulder?

BIG doggie!

Photo Attempt #1

OK, so I left out attempt pictures #2 & 3 but #4 turned out cute!

Ridin double on the 4-wheeler

Yes, even Psyco Mommy let Asher ride on something motorized. Must have been that 1 glass of wine I had.

Milissa has her work cut out for her with this one. Ashlyn is a very BUSY little girl. Busy, but helpful. She liked to empty out Asher's diaper bag and hand me the things in it. She talked on the phone, danced and wanted to be held! That was the best part. I thought she would have been to busy to let me hold her but she would put her arms out to you and ask you to hold her. It was so sweet!

Maybe a blue one for his B-day!

Another photo attempt

But this one didn't go so good

Asher and Auntie (cousin) Milissa

Asher & Daddy

Yes, his father let him drink out of a water bottle before bed and little man peed out for the first time that night.

We had fun that night and it was fun to get to stay with Milissa and Ryan again. We hadn't been there since August. The night was a little rough though. Asher didn't sleep very well. I don't know if it was the pack-n-play or that he peed all over himself for the first time. Oh well. Milissa fixed us a feast for breakfast then we headed home. I had another headache Sunday afternoon so I took a little nap then we went out to Annie and Merle's for fried chicken for my birthday.