February 17, 2010

A different kind of BooBoo

It was just a matter of time. Asher got his first booboo this morning. And no, I don't mean BooBear. I don't know yet if it left a bruise or not, I guess I'll find out when I see him at lunch today. It seems that when we got back from Starved Rock on Sunday he decided that he was a little daredevil. I was sitting on the couch trying to post pictures and he was pulling himself up on to the edge of the chair and scooting across the floor.

We still aren't crawling but somehow when you aren't looking he can get across the floor. So the baby gate went up at the top of the stairs on Monday! This morning he was playing in our room while I was in the bathroom getting ready. He was right next to the door playing with the remote. He scooted over next to the bathroom door and was banging the remote on the door frame then decided to try to pull himself up. Well sometimes he doesn't think he needs to hold on and he slipped and bumped his head. There was a red mark on his forehead when I dropped him off at Mom and Dad's this morning. Poor Baby :(

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