November 30, 2008

Belly Pictures

I had a doctor's appointment last Tuesday and eveything looked good. I'm still a little under where I started weight wise, but I'm starting to get my appetite back so I'm sure that will change soon. The heart rate was 150-160, last appointment it was about 160 (girl?!?!?) So I go back December 23rd and hopefully she'll tell me then when we can find out what it is, I'm thinking sometime in the middle of January. I've noticed a big difference in my belly in the last two weeks, and I think you can really tell in the pictures. Other people can tell now, or maybe they just think I'm fat. 12 Weeks
Tess 12 Weeks - Jodi 19 Weeks

Jodi & I decided to try to document our pregnancies together with pictures along the way. I'm so excited to find out what Beau and Jodi are having, they find out December 9th. Although I've always had a feeling she's having a boy, and Jodi thinks so too.

November 23, 2008

It's Beginning to Look a Little Like Christmas

Since I have most of my Christmas shopping done it was killing me not to wrap my gifts and get them under the tree. Saturday me, mom, Taylor and Grandma Jane went shopping in Bloomington. It was one of those good trips cuz on the way home everyone had something on their lap, we were packed in. That might have had something to do with the christmas tree shoved in the back. I went back to Owen's to get me another aqua flocked tree but was drawn to a white one instead this year. This years them was aqua and teal - even have teal lights! (I hate colored lights) Boo got new PJ's for christmas too, so we had to try them on.
Later on tonight I tried to get a good picture of him but every time I tried he would turn his head, must be a little camera shy.

November 17, 2008

Belly Pictures!

Ohmigod, that looks so weird. I haven't taken a picture since I was 5 weeks. Dustin took another pic tonight (10 weeks) I put it on the computer and had to yell at him to come see if it really looks like that. I can't believe how weird it looks. Last Friday was the first day that my pants didnt button, and mom introduced me to the rubberband method, thanks mom. But I'm really surprised. A couple of weeks ago I asked Jodi when she started showing, she said around 10 weeks. I thought I was just bloated after eating... but maybe the baby is in there somewhere. The internet said its the size of a kumquat... so here is a picture of one in case you're like me and have never seen one.

Ten Weeks

5 Weeks

Boo's New Costume

Mom picked Boo up a Halloween costume for next year... He looks so cute in his cowboy hat and saddle with rider! She even bought the baby its first outfit... a "My First Halloween" sleeper.

November 3, 2008

Vegas for Addie's Birthday!

Thursday afternoon me, mom, Addie, Grandma Jane, Annie and Kristi left for Vegas to celebrate Addie's 21st Birthday! We all had a really good time and kept really busy. Taking Addie anywhere means you have constant entertainment. There was one point where we were sitting on the plane waiting to take off and Addie turned to me, serious as can be and asked me if we had taken off yet... I told her to look out the window because we were still on the ground.
The first night we got in we stayed at our hotel (The Orleans) and had dinner and played the slots. I was a little tired so I went to bed earlier than everyone else... hours later mom and Addie came into the room skipping singing "I Like Big Butts"... I knew it would be a long weekend. But surprisingly that was the worst that it got.
Friday we spent the day on the strip trying to show Addie as many places as we could in the short time that we were there. I dont think that she had any idea what it would be like. We ate lunch at Toby Keith's I Love his Bar at Harrah's then hit some more Casinos. Then we went back to the hotel to change into our costumes! I was Dorothy, Addie a go-go dancer, Grandma Jane a witch, Kristi was a gypsy and mom a cat. We ate dinner then we were off to AMERICAN STORM at the Stratosphere. Ha! Addie was a little nervous to see her first "male" show and spent the first 10 minutes with her hands over her eyes. It didnt take them long to learn it was her Birthday so she got picked on quite a lot. They even called her up for a lap dance contest with two other women.... needless to say she won! We were all SHOCKED that Addie could give a lap dance like that. But it was Annie who got all the attention, she even got a kiss right on the lips from the hottest one there! She's so lucky :)
Saturday we headed back to the strip for some more fun and a heated community monopoly game at Shea's! We had dinner at the nice restaurant at our hotel then it was nap time before the 10 o'clock Mama Mia show at Mandalay Bay. I've never seen so many guys dancing around in tights, but it was a good show.
Overall it was a great trip and I think Addie had a lot of fun. When I get some more pictures I'll be sure to post them.