October 31, 2011

October Favorites

I have a feeling the next several months of my "favorite things" will pry include several pregnancy related favorites so bear with me!

Jolt Knit Waist Pants from Von Maur
These have been a lifesaver for me!  I had a pair of Jolt jeans when I was pregnant with Asher so I sent my Mom to Von Maur a few weeks ago and she picked these up for me in Khaki, Black and jean material.  They are in the Juniors section and aren't actually maternity pants but they have a stretchy knit waist so they actually fit!  And they are soooooo comfy!

I cannot say enough about this stuff.  My cousin Milissa told me I HAD to get some when I was pregnant with Asher.  I used it faithfully my entire pregnancy and didn't get a single stretch mark on my belly.  Unfortunatley I didn't think to use it on my boobs and they were covered... so I think this stuff really works!

My Bug.  At almost 14 years old it hit 85,000 miles this week.
I've drove it everyday for the last two weeks.  I know my days of driving it are numbered because:
  1.  Asher has to bend his legs to fit behind my seat  
  2. I can hardly get in back with him to buckle him in now let alone when my belly is huge
  3. 2 car seats in there just aint happening. 

The free collection of books for the Kindle on Amazon.com
It's always hit or miss what kind of books are on there but for as much as I read I love having lots of free books to choose from.

Spicy chicken sandwich from Wendy's. 
Ugh - I haven't really ate fast food on my lunches since I came back to work after having Asher.  But this little thing has called my name twice this month and I just couldn't help myself.
But hey, whats 520 calories and 22 grams of fat when you're feeding 2.

October 28, 2011

10 Weeks

As of yesterday I was 10 weeks!  1/4 of the way through this pregnancy - already?  I had another appointment this past Monday.  I weighed exactly the same and baby's heart rate was between 148 & 156 bpm.  Thankfully my morning all day sickness seemed to subside over the weekend.  3 good weeks of feeling like absolute crap wears on you.
I didn't wanna take the pic last night when I got home from my massage - Lynn sure does a number on my hair.  So I had to snap a quick pic in Dustin's bathroom before I ran out the door this morning.  This is the only room that has a mirror low enough to get a pic!
Aren't you glad to see me in something other than my PJ's?

October 27, 2011


This is for you Addie!  Here is a conversation my cousin and I had recently on Facebook.  She is going to a Brantley concert with me next weekend!  A couple of months ago I sent her City-Ass home with 2 Brantley CD's and told her to listen up and know all the freakin words by the time of the concert cuz I wanted her singing right along with me.....

So these are for you Ad, I want you to know what you're getting yourself into...


Don't worry Addie.  You won't have to square dance with us :)

October 26, 2011

Brody Turns 1!

On Saturday Brody turned 1!
I had the pleasure of making his invites! 
And the cake turned out soooo good 
His Grandma Kristi made his adorable smash cake 
And his Mommy made these cute little monster cupcakes  
The kids loved the pinata 

And Brody went to town on his cake 
Asher thought Aunt Milissa's cupcakes were pretty good. 
Stopping to re-hydrate  
Asher did not wanna go home - he was having way too much fun :)


October 25, 2011

All Boys

On Saturday I spent a good part of the morning with a family with 3 Boys.  I had so much fun with these guys because they were having fun themselves.  It makes it easy for me when I feel like they're having a good time.  When I went to edit these I was cracking up the whole time.  Kind of makes me hope Asher has a brother because these guys were a constant source of entertainment for each other.  Also?  I think little boys are the best :) 

October 24, 2011

Popejoy Golf Outing & Baggo Tourney

It was that time again for the Popejoy Golf Outing and Baggo Tournement.  We played golf in the afternoon then the shop had dinner and a Baggo Tournement that night.  I had a busy day because as soon as I finished my round I went to my Aunt and Uncle's to take my cousin Shelley's kids pictures.  Then I ran home and picked up Asher before going to the shop for dinner and bags.  Here are a few pics from the festivites.

Isn't this cheating?

Tossing water balloons.  Each time they caught it they would have to take a step back. 

These two hung out as ususal :)

October 20, 2011

Telling Dustin's Parents

So you know how I told you that telling Dustin's parents was a whole separate post?  We took pics of us telling them - I HAD to catch their expressions on this one...

We had a wedding for one of our friends at the shop the weekend after I found out I was pregnant and because I was afraid I wouldn't be able to hide it we decided to tell Dustin's Dad & Sue right before the wedding.  My excuse was that I wanted a picture of the 6 of us all dressed up.
Awww one nice picture before I drop the bomb.
Sayyyyyyyyyyyyy BABIES!
Sue: "Ohmigod you're having twins?!?!!?
No, but close!  Jodi & I are due the same day!!!
LOL, you heard me right!  Not only did Jodi & I get to share our pregnancies last time being 6 weeks apart - she had texted me that morning saying "you're not gonna believe this..."

Although the first day of our last period was the same day Dr Austman put my due date as May 24th and Jodi's Dr set hers at May 25th.  Dr Austman laughed and said that we were going to have dueling cervix's.  The guys at the shop also had lots of theories about how Jodi & I wound up pregnant on the same day - but they are too crude to repeat on here!
Maybe Jodi & I just have some weird ESP - while we both knew the other was seriously considering another baby we had no idea this would happen - so cool.  I cannot wait to share yet another pregnancy with Jodi and thoroughly enjoy or daily emails chronicling our pains, exhaustion, nausea and other experiences.  I love having someone to talk to going through the same thing as me.  In case you lost count - that makes all four married Popejoy cousin's pregnant and four Lil Popejoy's arriving within 8 months of each other.  Lord help us.

October 19, 2011

I've Finally Figured it Out

After WEEKS of Asher waking up several times in the middle of the night I've finally figured it out.  Now yes, he did come and get me every time he went pee in his pull-up (it was always still warm) but obviously that wasn't the only issue.  You might have noticed from pictures that all Asher ever wants to wear at home is underwear.  I'm fine with this.  He can go use the potty by himself this way and if that's what he wants to wear then go for it.  But when it comes time for bed the kid refuses to wear jammies.  All he wants to sleep in is a pull up.  And he won't let me cover him up - he only wants his night night for covers which is his small baby blanket. 

So last Thursday night we were getting his pull up on for bed and I decided to break out a pair of last years light weight footie jammies.  He kicked and screamed but I finally got them on him.  Taylor stopped by and decided to take him to Dairy Queen for ice cream then to Mom & Dad's while I edited some pictures.  I went to pick him up an hour later and here is what I found:

Mom said he was completely out.  I took him home and put him in bed.... and he slept all night.

So I pulled out the fleece footies I bought for this winter and we wore those the next night... and he slept all night.  I'm proud to say My Lil Man has slept through the night ever since he started wearing warm comfy jammies.  But if you hear screaming coming from our house about 8:30 every night don't be alarmed - I'm just trying to wrestle him in the damn things.