October 24, 2011

Popejoy Golf Outing & Baggo Tourney

It was that time again for the Popejoy Golf Outing and Baggo Tournement.  We played golf in the afternoon then the shop had dinner and a Baggo Tournement that night.  I had a busy day because as soon as I finished my round I went to my Aunt and Uncle's to take my cousin Shelley's kids pictures.  Then I ran home and picked up Asher before going to the shop for dinner and bags.  Here are a few pics from the festivites.

Isn't this cheating?

Tossing water balloons.  Each time they caught it they would have to take a step back. 

These two hung out as ususal :)

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Tia said...

Hi Tess, I came across your site and if you just got into photography, I have to say you got a pretty good eye. Your pics seem to have that it factor that I can't seem to get myself.