August 30, 2010

Popejoy Golf Outing & Baggo Tournament

Saturday was the Annual Popejoy Baggo Tournament but this year they brought back the golf outing too!  Yay!  I hardly got a chance to play this summer so it was fun to go out and play before the summer was over.  After golf we had dinner back at the shop and then baggo after that.  As always it was fun for everyone. 
I was hoping this would be a picture of the winning team - but not quite...
Bev & Gary --  Dustin & Me

And we played with these guys!  Ryan, Jack & Woody - Not sure where Dan was at the moment.  We had a lot of fun being paired up with this group!

A couple of action shots

I even got the guys to pose next to the Popejoy Tee box.
Jack, Woody, Ryan, Dan, Gary & Dustin

Taylor & Asher played when we got back to the shop

But it wasn't too long before the adults got in on the "kids games"

Love Josh's face on this one!

August 27, 2010

He has parents!

Yeah I know, you'd never believe by the lack of pictures I post of Dustin and I with Asher but we really do exist and I really do spend ALL my free time with him.  Here are some pictures after we ate dinner last night.

He chased Boo around for a good 10 minutes last night yelling "Booooooooo" and trying to catch him!

Then we went for a bike ride and stopped to see Charlee but my camera went dead as soon as we got there :(

August 25, 2010

Honest Abe

After lunch today we walked over to the Courthouse so Asher could have his picture taken with Honest Abe!  They didn't turn out like I hoped they would but they'll do for now.  Papa even came and had lunch with us today and got to see first hand Asher's love for our waitress Ann!

August 23, 2010

The Fairbury Fair

Friday night Annie watched Asher while we went out to the Fair.  Dustin's cousin John and his wife Brenda came up from Bellflower and we went out with them and Taylor & Josh and Mom & Dad.  Needless to say I had a REALLY good time and neither of us could bring ourselves to go back out Saturday night.  So we took Asher out on Sunday - here are some pictures from his first Fair!
Running the siren

Cranking the Firetruck - Love this face!

I think one of Asher's favorite parts of the day was hanging out on the firetruck!  This might be his favorite "car" of Papa's.  He even did the siren by himself.  He didn't get to go for a ride but the Homecoming Parade is coming up soon!
Asher & Ethan
Driving with Papa
He's crying because he didn't wanna get out!
Asher's new favorite word?  MORE!  And boy did he use it yesterday with all that fair food :)

August 20, 2010

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

The other night Dustin told me he spent his day down in a manhole fixing a pipe.  I asked him if he felt like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.  He just said "Uhhhhh, not really." 

August 19, 2010

Found It!

While I was getting ready this morning it occured to me where that old picture of Me, Trevin and Carlee was!  The back of the picture says June 1987.  So if I have everyone's birthday correct I would be about 16 months, Trevin would be 2 and Carlee would be about 3 months.
And our kids!  Carlee's Brynlee is about 6 mos, Trevin's Madie is about 2 1/2 and Asher is 13 mos here.  Kind of fun to see how much they look like us!

August 18, 2010

Sibling Rivalry

On Sunday we headed to Pontiac for a Car Show.  It was the first time RJ had his car at a show so the whole family went. 

RJ's 1985 Buick Grand National
Taylor's 1971 Pontiac GTO
My 1972 Chevelle
Asher discovered that he loves drinking out of straws but isn't too fond of slides.
Asher and Papa went for a walk in the park
And Dad won an award for "Best Lawn Chair"
Of course the Sister kicked my A** again and brought home 3 trophies: Best Air Cleaner, Best Paint & First Place.  We really need to be in separate classes.  I got third place in our class.
RJ didn't place that day but it gives him something to work for!
It's really starting to bug me that the Sister is beating me every time we go somewhere.  I might have to loosen the purse strings one of these days and spend some money on it again.  And maybe we'll think about re-painting it in the near future its been about 7 years since it was done.  We might have to tweek the color a little more to compete with Taylor's Tropical Lime.