May 28, 2010

Wall Display Ideas

Working with Laura has been awesome!  I had emailed her and told her that I was having a hard time choosing pictures and I didn't know what size I would want or how to lay them out on my wall and this is the email response that I got.  LOVE it!  So, which one do you guys like?

Wonderful Ones!

Be sure to watch the Channel 3 news on the morning of Ashers birthday!
As long as I uploaded his picture right he should appear in the Wonderful Ones!!!

Why Do I Do This To Myself?!?!

I finally finished painting the Toy Room!!!  Yay!  And I did it all by myself.  That means don't look too close.  Rabe's came and cleaned the carpet in there yesterday and for the most part RJ's stains came out of the carpet.  Hopefully tonight I'll get the curtains up and some of the toys that are over-flowing in the living room moved down there.  Dustin didn't get the entertainment center and toy box painted.  No surprise there.  I guess that will have to wait.  My guess is that it will never get done at this point.  Oh well, I tried.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the aqua paint - still not sure about the red.  Here are a couple of pictures from last night.

    So getting on to the "why do I do this to myself" part of the post.  I'm tired.  Really tired.  We have the first Big Birthday party tomorrow and I am SO unorganzied.  I'm just really not good at this kind of stuff and rely on my Mom/Grandma/Annie/Heidi/everyone else to help me out.  Thanks guys!  I was doing my hair Tuesday morning and was looking at the middle bathroom.  I had never looked at it that closely and decided the border was kind of ugly.  So, I ripped it off.  That pry wasn't the best decision I ever made because there as a THICK silicony.rubbery.guck underneath that would not come off.  I've about had a freakin nervous breakdown the last few nights as I've worked til about midnight trying to scrape and rub it off.  Last night I had a f*** it moment and put spackle all over it and sanded it down this morning.  Hopefully the paint I got this week is still about the same as it was when it was painted 8+/- years ago???  With my luck I'm sure I'll be re-painting my whole bathroom tomorrow night.  I wanted so bad to call my Uncle Bob Tuesday but my "Bob budget" is blown for the year decade and needed this to be low-budget.  So if you are coming to the party tomorrow, please, don't laugh.  Maybe I'll just hang a really big picture there.

I'll leave you with a not so good picture of Asher but one I've been trying to get for a couple of weeks.  They have these little cars sitting around the square in Pontiac and this is the one in front of Bernardi's.  It seems like its been raining every week when they come visit.  I was scared he was going to fall so it was a really quick picture but the cars are so cute and each painted differently!

May 26, 2010

Asher's 1 Year Pictures

Go here
Click on 'Enter Site'
Click on 'Proofing'
Then the password is: tpopejoy

May 24, 2010

It'll be here before we know it!

Speed Racer!

Asher had his 1 year pictures taken with Laura Kruger on Saturday night.  She emailed me this one as a sneak peek!  Isn't he the cutest thing!


How stinkin cute is he?  We went boating yesterday with Milissa and Miss Ashlyn and for the most part it went well.  Asher did NOT like his life jacket (can't say that I blame him) or the water.  Mommy ended up holding him the whole time.  Every time I even got a toe in the water he screamed.  We'll work on it again next time. 

Ashlyn, Mommy and Baby.  Ashlyn liked to drive too.  And to try and push all the buttons.

Asher enjoyed playing with the squirt gun Milissa brought and Ashlyn was happy to see her friend Sydney when we pulled up next to Dan and Samantha.  Later on Mark & Kara Trainor and Kim & Corey McWhorter pulled in so it was nice to be able to chat with people we knew.  And talk about how different it was boating with kiddos!
Love the sunscreen hair do!  Ashlyn played in this little boat most of the afternoon.  Dustin got a rope out and Milissa pulled her around the boats while she at cookies :)
Time to go home!  We had two tired kiddos so it was time to head out.  Dustin is lucky I didn't divorce him after he made me pull the boat on the trailer.  That was part of the deal... we NEVER go boating unless there was some man with us to help!  I had a bad experience one time about 4 years ago and I told him never again would I pull the boat on the trailer.  Well I did and we survived.  But I'm gonna say this again: I'm never doing that again! 

May 22, 2010

Asher Kisses & Walking

My Baby Boy loves to give kisses now. Although at times he gives a little too much tongue. Not the most flattering picture of Mommy but Asher was sure enjoying himself. We spent most of last night working on his walking. I found that if I give him ice cream and wind him up he usually likes to put on a show. That includes walking, dancing and giving kisses. It was a fun night!

May 20, 2010

Baby's 1st Car Show!

On Sunday Asher went to his 1st Car Show!  He was such a good boy but didn't take an afternoon nap so by the time it was over we were ready to go.  He had the most fun playing in Mommy's car.  He jumped in the front seat so much he threw up all over my white interior.  Oh well, good thing its vinyl!

May 19, 2010


To get ready for the big 1st Birthday parties we have coming up Dustin painted the Garage floor and did some touch up painting to the trim in the garage.

My Dad refinished our wood shutters and they are GORGEOUS!  Now we just need to get them put back up before the big parties :)

My last big project is to get the toy room done in the next 2 weeks.  Dustin & I got the paint on Saturday morning and I tried to start painting on Sunday.  It left me crying for my Grandma Jane.  Hopefully sometime this week I can get that finished and the carpet cleaned next week.  The main color for the room is Aqua about the same shade as the stool in the picture.  Then the wall with the windows will be Gumball Red.  I know that seems like a weird combo but I think it will be cool with the furniture painted white (thanks Dad) and his little Radio Flier Rocket and red and white peddle car down there. 

May 18, 2010

Auntie Taylor's Birthday

Taylor's 20th Birthday was Tuesday, May 11th.  We had dinner and Mom and Dad's house that night.  Asher enjoyed her cake and helped her to blow out all those candles!  It was making me wish this year was the big 21 because we would be on our way to VEGAS!!!  The sister is the last of the girls on that side of the family to turn 21 so that will be it for a while.  I'm ready to go back and can't wait.  Hopefully I'll be ready to leave the Bubb by then. 
Then on Saturday night Taylor & Josh, Dustin & I, Mom & Dad, Heidi & Kevin and Grandma Jane all went down to Kobe's for dinner.  Yes, Katelynn babysat the Bubbs and she said he was perfect.  I was all worried about having a babysitter at night for the first time.  I never once thought about there being a problem with my other son.  Anyone who knows my precious BooBoo knows that he is very selective about who he likes and who he lets touch him.  Kate and Kolby took Asher on a walk and decided to take Boo with them.  I never even thought to tell them not to try to take my little viper dog with them.  Anytime he goes on a walk he needs a harness because he tends to pull out of his collar, which he did.  So Kate had Asher in the stroller and a Chihuahua on the loose who won't let anyone touch him let alone pick him up!  She got bit several times before she finally called RJ to come and get him.  Of course it was no problem for Uncle RJ to catch him.  He's on "the list."  Poor Kate.  Other than that I had a good time at dinner, even drank a beer.  BUT I didn't have a good enough time that I'll be going out all the time.  Everyone else continued on to the Country Club, I went on home at 9:00 after dinner. 

Uncle Josh's Birthday is today so we'll have one last "birthday party" tomorrow night at Mom and Dad's for him then I think we're done.  Phew!

Glo's Birthday 5.7.10

The cousins

On Friday May 7th we had a little "celebration" for what would have been Glo's 85th Birthday.  We had the Aunts and cousins from Chenoa over too since they hadn't seen the house since it had been done.  Everyone had a really good time.  Its too bad the whole family doesn't get together more often because it makes for some good times and some serious laughs. 

We even got RJ to put on Dads jean "leisure suit" from high school and Jamie to wear our Great Aunt Marilyn's prom dress.  She was going to prom the next day but I don't think she opted to wear this one.

Mommy even finished not 1 but 2 beers!  That was quite an accomplishment for me lately.  Asher had been asleep for a while so he got to spend the night.  I was up and back over sleeping on Mom and Dad's couch by 6:15 the next morning waiting for him to wake up though!  I was trying to practice for the next weekend because we were getting a BABYSITTER.  I even made it before Asher turned 1 :)
Did you feel the earth quake a little bit that Friday night?  If you did it was Glo rolling over in her grave at the things we were doing in her kitchen...

Wish List

For everyone who has been asking me what to get Bubbs for his birthday there is a link to a page at the top of the blog called "Asher's Birthday Wish list" that you can click on and it will take you to another page with a small list of things he could use for his birthday.  Hope this helps!

May 17, 2010

Bad, Bad Blogger

Its been a long time, but gimme a break... I've been a busy girl.  Last week was a very busy - very long week.  We've been working our butts off at work to get all those 26,000 tax bills out to Livingston County. Don't You just LOVE to hear that!  On Monday morning Dustin's Grandma Zimmie passed away.  It was totally unexpected but she passed in her sleep so we were grateful she didn't suffer at all.  On top of all that it has been Auntie Taylor and Uncle Josh's week long Birthday Extravaganza!  More on this to come.

Also, we have a walker!  Well, sort of.  He takes about 5-6 steps at a time now but I haven't got it on video yet.  Hopefully this week I'll get that posted.  This couldn't come at a better time since his one year pictures with Laura Kruger on Friday.  So pray we have nice weather!

May 11, 2010

Pretty Boy

Bubbs has made it to the final round of the Pantagraph's Cutest Kid Contest!!!  I think they are down to 25 kids total, 17 in his category.  So you know what that means!  Time to vote again!  If you all vote this one last time I promise to never enter him in something like this ever again.  So here is the info:

Go here to view the photos of the kids.  Then go to this link to vote.  Asher is #74.  The last day to vote is Tuesday May 18th.  The Winner will be in the Sunday May 23rd Pantagraph and the winner in each category will receive $500.

By the way.  I have pictures from this weekend.  Good ones.  But we're SUPER busy at work and time at home is non-existent.  But you know if we're really busy at work whats on its way right?!?!  That's right!  Tax bills will be in the mail on Monday!!!

May 6, 2010


Asher took 2 steps for Mom yesterday!

May 4, 2010

What I Like to do for Fun

I was patiently waiting at a bank today and the kid sitting across from me was being polite and making small talk.  Then he asked me what I like to do for fun.

Whoa.  I just stared at him.  He must have thought I was freakin cRazY.  The more I sat there and stared at him the more lame I felt.  I thought about telling him that I wash bottles, change dirty diapers and give baths - yeah thats the most fun I have.  So I told him that I like to chirping....  then I listed some things that I used to do for fun, before I had Asher.  Now don't get me wrong my Bubbs is the best thing that happened to me but I thought about it on my way back to the courthouse.  Maybe I need to think about entertaining the idea of getting a babysitter sometime in the near future.  After all Asher IS almost a year old.   

May 3, 2010

Charlee's 1st Birthday Party!

On Saturday night we had Charlee's 1st Birthday Party!!!  I can't believe Little Miss Charlee is a year already, this past year has just flew by.  Here is a picture of the Birthday girl with Mommy and Daddy.

The happy girl with all those presents!

The kiddos enjoying her new swing.

A picture of their little family before she got too messy with her cake :)

Being a nice little boy and giving his cousin a push.

Charlee got a bike trailer too so Asher got to go for a ride with her.  Despite how good they're sitting in the picture it didn't go so well.  Having these two in a small area without us to catch Asher wasn't such a good idea.  I also think we might have to have a talk with him when he gets a little older and tell him that although Charlee is a pretty little girl she is still his cousin and he cant keep kissing her that way.