May 28, 2010

Why Do I Do This To Myself?!?!

I finally finished painting the Toy Room!!!  Yay!  And I did it all by myself.  That means don't look too close.  Rabe's came and cleaned the carpet in there yesterday and for the most part RJ's stains came out of the carpet.  Hopefully tonight I'll get the curtains up and some of the toys that are over-flowing in the living room moved down there.  Dustin didn't get the entertainment center and toy box painted.  No surprise there.  I guess that will have to wait.  My guess is that it will never get done at this point.  Oh well, I tried.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the aqua paint - still not sure about the red.  Here are a couple of pictures from last night.

    So getting on to the "why do I do this to myself" part of the post.  I'm tired.  Really tired.  We have the first Big Birthday party tomorrow and I am SO unorganzied.  I'm just really not good at this kind of stuff and rely on my Mom/Grandma/Annie/Heidi/everyone else to help me out.  Thanks guys!  I was doing my hair Tuesday morning and was looking at the middle bathroom.  I had never looked at it that closely and decided the border was kind of ugly.  So, I ripped it off.  That pry wasn't the best decision I ever made because there as a THICK silicony.rubbery.guck underneath that would not come off.  I've about had a freakin nervous breakdown the last few nights as I've worked til about midnight trying to scrape and rub it off.  Last night I had a f*** it moment and put spackle all over it and sanded it down this morning.  Hopefully the paint I got this week is still about the same as it was when it was painted 8+/- years ago???  With my luck I'm sure I'll be re-painting my whole bathroom tomorrow night.  I wanted so bad to call my Uncle Bob Tuesday but my "Bob budget" is blown for the year decade and needed this to be low-budget.  So if you are coming to the party tomorrow, please, don't laugh.  Maybe I'll just hang a really big picture there.

I'll leave you with a not so good picture of Asher but one I've been trying to get for a couple of weeks.  They have these little cars sitting around the square in Pontiac and this is the one in front of Bernardi's.  It seems like its been raining every week when they come visit.  I was scared he was going to fall so it was a really quick picture but the cars are so cute and each painted differently!

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