March 25, 2013

Les Lunes

Back when I posted about my favorite baby items I talked about buying Adler a little nightgown made by Kickee Pants at Von Maur.  I was seriously in love with this little thing!  I even took it to the hospital with me - not so he would actually wear it - but to maybe just pet it while I was in labor and imagine my little bubby wearing it - its THAT SOFT.  But we all know things did not go as planned at the hospital :(
Anyways - I always wished Kickee Pants made clothes in my size and although I did find where they made a pajama set it was a long sleeve button down top and pants - not something I would normally wear.  While I was up in the middle of the night pumping a few weeks ago I looked at an email from Totsy and my eyes immediately went to the words "Bamboo  Fabric."  I knew Adler's little outfits were made out of Bamboo.  I had never bought anything off of Totsy before but I bought 3 half price gift certificates from a company called Les Lunes because I was sold on the fact that they had bras (and nursing bras) made out of bamboo!
I got right on that night and placed my first order.  I ordered a regular bra and a nursing bra.  They looked like this:
I ordered both bras in an XS based on their "fitting room" suggestions.  A couple of days later I got a phone call from them saying that they did not have the nursing bra in an XS so we decided I would try the size small.  She said to let her know how it fit.  I was SO excited when I got my package in the mail.  The regular bra fit perfect but I was so bummed that the nursing bra was just too big.  So I called them up - and got a REAL person :)  We chatted for a while and she said they would be sending me out a cami that would be easy to nurse in.  I got the cami last week:
Good Lord.  Please excuse the messy hair and lack of make-up ----> that's just how I roll these days.  Taking this picture made me think of the last time I took a picture down in Dustin's bathroom:
And I still had 4 weeks to go!
Anyways, along with my new cami there was a great little Thank You card from the owner of the company herself thanking me for my feedback and as a Thank You she sent me the Charlotte Lounge Dress
Charlotte Lounge Dress
How beautiful is that!  I am SO impressed with not only the products I have received from Les Lunes but with their customer service!  I also got an email from them with a code for 30% off to share with my friends and family :)
Promo code: LANEFAM
Be sure to check them out - I'll be ordering a long sleeve t-shirt this week!
** No, Les Lunes has no idea I'm posting this - I'm just that excited about their products! **

March 23, 2013

Asher's 1st Ride

Last weekend Asher went for his first ride at the VVORV or "Ridin' Club" as he calls it.  It was freezing but it was good practice to go out there when there was no one there.  He has never really rode anywhere but the open field at the end of our street so I was a little nervous about him trying to maneuver the "track."
 My Goodness - how did we get here?
 He was SO excited but tried to act cool about it
 Too bad he had his coat on because he was decked out head to toe.  And everything matches Daddy's!
 Just look at that tiny little butt on that big 4 wheeler!  I was so nervous.
 BUT - he did AWESOME!  I can't believe how well he did for his first time.  He was very proud of himself and how muddy he got :)
I think Dustin and Asher will be spending lots of time out there this summer.  I can only handle so much - that's my tiny baby out there - so we'll see how much I'll be out there.  My Brother said I'll be a "MotoMom" whatever that is before I know it.....

March 18, 2013

Adler is 10 Months!

Ohhhh Hermie,
Another month has flown by and you're now 10 months.  I still don't know how this is possible!  Pretty soon we're going to be planning your big birthday party!
 You are seriously the sweetest little guy.  You are very serious by nature but we can still get some good smiles and belly laughs out of you - especially your brother!
 This month you finally quit army crawling and are up on your hands and knees.  You pull yourself up to whatever you can find and are into everything!  You especially like things you can open and shut like cabinets and drawers.
 You had a double ear infection this month - Boo :(  But while we were there we got a new weight on you - exactly 21 pounds and 29.5".  We are STILL NURSING!!!!   I'm so proud of us :)  You continue to love whatever food I give you and have now started getting tiny bits of Hawaiian rolls or your favorite: Lost In Time cinnamon rolls :)
I can't wait for this summer to get you outside to play with your brother.  I'm sure he'll have a thing or two to teach you :)