March 23, 2013

Asher's 1st Ride

Last weekend Asher went for his first ride at the VVORV or "Ridin' Club" as he calls it.  It was freezing but it was good practice to go out there when there was no one there.  He has never really rode anywhere but the open field at the end of our street so I was a little nervous about him trying to maneuver the "track."
 My Goodness - how did we get here?
 He was SO excited but tried to act cool about it
 Too bad he had his coat on because he was decked out head to toe.  And everything matches Daddy's!
 Just look at that tiny little butt on that big 4 wheeler!  I was so nervous.
 BUT - he did AWESOME!  I can't believe how well he did for his first time.  He was very proud of himself and how muddy he got :)
I think Dustin and Asher will be spending lots of time out there this summer.  I can only handle so much - that's my tiny baby out there - so we'll see how much I'll be out there.  My Brother said I'll be a "MotoMom" whatever that is before I know it.....

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