July 31, 2011

Out for Dinner

We went out for dinner Saturday night for Mom & Dad's Anniversary.  After Ashlyn's birthday party Asher went home with his Nannie's & we headed to Station 220 where we met the Kafer's and the Brucker's. 

Someday I'll get Dad to look at the camera 

It just so happened Addie & Wes were there to see one of his friends play 

These two?  They crack me up. 

I can't wait for their wedding. 
Because they are both a little crazy.
In a good way. 
We had a good time and Wes' friend John was really good.  He's a groomsman.  This does not surprise me because there are 10 of them...

July 29, 2011

Memory Lane

I was reading an Anniversary post this week over on Mama Made It's personal blog and she went back and had posted different pictures of their family over the last few years.  Since it isn't my anniversary but it IS my parents I thought it was a good excuse to do the same!

Tomorrow my parents will be married 28 years.
If it looks like they were babies its because they were - just 18 & 19!


We went out this time last year and celebrated Mom and Dad's 27th Anniversary by going to the Lake Road Inn. 
Asher still had baby fat a year ago!  And we celebrated Ashlyn's 2nd Birthday because Little Missy turns 3 TODAY!


This time 2 years ago Asher was just a couple of months old.  We didn't really leave the house so there are no other fun pictures to share.
But we did go see Miss Ashlyn on her 1st Birthday!
and boy does this make me miss Zelma :( 
My goodness.  Look at all those babies.  You should see all of them now.
I'll have to try and get their pic this weekend at Ashlyn's party!
That's Asher there in the navy shorts laying all the way back :)
But 2 years ago we were both chunky.

This was a very good year.
We had a big party for Mom & Dad's 25th Anniversary. 
And it was a whole lotta fun. 
Milissa had this little peanut and I decided it was time to have one of my own.
1 day preggo!  Just didn't know it at the time :)
And I wasn't messin around!  Ashlyn and Asher are almost exactly 10 months apart!

July 26, 2011

Country Must Be Country Wide

I had been patiently not so patiently waiting for this day all summer.
Brantley was back in Champaign! 
This required a new outfit and pedicures that morning with The Sister.

Asher spent the night with Meme & Papa.  When we left home of course he had to wear his boots too!

Dustin's cousin John and his wife Brenda joined us for yet another Brantley concert!  I'm so glad they came.  But this time Brenda brought along little Axel who is just 17 weeks away from making his arrival.  I'm so glad that "Auntie Tess" was able to take him to his first concert.  And Mama was a trooper because it was insanely hot and there was NO breeze in the Grand Stands.

BG July 2011
BG February 2011
The Sister brought along Erin Petersen to be her date since Josh had a Bachelor Party this weekend.
WooHoo!  The heat, nor the smell of BO or the lack of alcohol could keep us from enjoying ourselves!
And when I say it heat I mean heat!  Poor little guy!
But nothin was as hott as Brantley! 
For a crowd who looked like they were going to fall asleep during the 2 opening acts 
We sure came alive when BG took the stage!
No concert post would be complete without the boot pic :) 

I saw the girl with this sign in line.  She looked like she was going to give birth next to the tilt-a-whirl.  The other side of that sign?  It said "Brantley, Meet Brantley!"  She was even naming the baby after him! 

Country Must Be Country Wide!

July 25, 2011

More To Come

This is where I was Saturday night.

July 21, 2011

I Apologize

To any of you who saw the offensive post on my Facebook wall yesterday I apologize.

It was Dustin's fault.

I got a message from a friend that my account had been hacked.  When I got home from work I got on and saw a pretty nasty post that was on my wall.  So I deleted it and changed my password.  I just figured it was one of those things that somehow got on my account.  So yesterday was Wednesday and that means it was family dinner night.  Dustin was telling us how awful it was working outside in the heat yesterday and how he had to take a crap in a porta-potty.  (told you we manage to talk about shit every week) So he went on to explain how he was in there for at least 5 minutes and had sweat about a 5 gallon bucket on the floor by the time he was done.  Lovely.

So later on we were out on the patio and Dad was asking me what I put on my Facebook page - I think he was mortified when he saw it.  Dustin pipes up and is like - "Yeah!  I was on my phone in the porta-potty and I got on your facebook and saw that someone posted something like that and I clicked on it.  It took me to all kinds of stuff and wanted me to register."  So you see, its my husbands fault.  

But then again, I was stupid enough to give him my new password.

July 20, 2011

I got Nothin'

It's Wednesday and I seem to be out of things to post.  Last week - and this week - were crazy at work so by the time I got home I was tired and didn't have my camera out much. 

Remember when I wrote about Bernice & Ioma?  Well I had another ovarian cyst rupture last Monday morning as I was trying to make my bed.  I would know that pain anywhere - and of course Dustin had just left and Grandma Jane wasn't due for another 45 minutes.  So I layed down and cried to Boo until the worst of it had passed.  Of course this had to happen on one of the busiest weeks at work so I self-medicated and went to work.

Saturday morning we went Wedding dress shopping my my cousin Addie.  Everything with her is an experience.  Of course they wouldn't let me bring my camera inside so I have nothing to show for it.  We have another appointment the first weekend of August and I can't wait to help her find "the one."  And hopefully when we go up to her house Wes is home.  I would love to write about the two of them sometime.

Saturday night I hung out with Asher at home while Dustin went out.  I tried to let him sleep with me but when he was still up at 11:00 pointing out Mommy's eyes, nose and mouth I had to put him in bed.  He just isn't a cuddler.  Yes Mom, I hear you.  Don't worry, he didn't end up sleeping with me.

Asher is continuing to "potty train" at his own pace.  I never make him go potty but he tells us quite a bit that he has to go and makes a big production out of it.  I think it's cuz he just wants the candy that we promise him.  He is also talking up a storm.  I need to get a video of some of the things  he says.  He kind of sounds like Forrest Gump. 

July 19, 2011

Angels in Heaven

On Sunday we went on the Angels in Heaven Memorial Ride for Tori and Alec Crutcher.  If you haven't heard their story grab a box of Kleenex and click here.

This was something truly amazing to see.  So many people - different kinds of people- coming together to remember the Crutcher kids.  It was a great day but sooooo hot.  Since I would never get on a bike - way to dangerous - we borrowed Dustin's Dad's Jeep and had a great time.

Something you don't see everyday

Asher!  He spent the day with his Papa Ray

Kevin saw this...

And got all excited

Tom & Mary Lou Culkin were cruzin behind us

And Mom & Dad and Heidi & Kevin in front of us

I love to go for rides

In the country

Have you noticed?

We realized Scott hadn't initiated Josh with a kiss.  They've been dating 3 years and Scott hasn't kissed him yet???   I don't think Dustin lasted 3 months.

We toasted Whitey

But after a long day of sweating my butt off I was ready to pick Asher up, shower and crash at home.