January 7, 2011

Bernice & Ioma

I don't know what it is about impending ultrasounds but they cause me to have very strange dreams.  And no, the impending ultrasound I had this week wasn't because of a pregnancy but because of another ruptured cyst. 
In August of '08 I awoke to the most awful pain in my life, I felt like I was dying.  I had no idea what was going on but decided I needed to go to the emergency room.  Dustin of course didn't want to be late for work so he called my Mom to take me - does that surprise you?  When we got there I had to admit in front of my Mom that we had just started trying for a baby so they immediately thought I had an ectopic pregnancy and scheduled an ultrasound.  They found that I had a ruptured cyst instead.  I had never really heard of cysts rupturing but my doctor told me that going off of the birth control had caused it to basically "come out."

 The next month I was pregnant and never really gave it another thought.  That was until I woke up a couple of weeks ago with the same pain.  I got up and went to the bathroom and tried to make it back into bed but the pain was so bad that I totally passed out before I could make it back.  Dustin woke up when I hit the ground.  He jumped up, yelled like a girl and turned on the light.  I told him I thought I was having another cyst rupture and he said something to the effect of  "oh good, I thought you were dead," turned off the light and went back to bed.  So I laid on the floor for about 10 minutes until I could get myself back in bed.  I called Mom and we decided to not go to the emergency room this time.  I did go to the doctor that day and scheduled an ultrasound for the next week.

The night before we found out what we were having with Asher I had this dream that during the ultrasound they pulled the baby (a girl) out and I got to hold her and she was full grown.  The cord was still attached and everything it was so weird.  When the appt was over they put her back in and I went home.  So the night before my ultrasound for my cyst this week I had this dream that I went in and there on the screen were 2 cysts.  But they weren't exactly cysts they were more like my Great Grandma Bernice and her sister Ioma.  And they were just hanging out on my ovaries.  Talking - pry making sweet pickles or something.  Strangest thing I have ever seen.  So when I got the call yesterday that I had a rupture on the left side and that I still have a cyst on the right it makes me wonder who is still in there... Bernice or Ioma?

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