February 18, 2011

Bad Influences

  • Beer
  • Kitty (AKA Titty)
  • Boob
  • Sh*t
These are the words that my family encourages my young impressionable son to say.  And recently?  My Dad is trying to teach Asher to say "Kitties and Beer" which Asher-translates to the Rodney Carrington song "Titties and Beer" which would be hilarious to hear him say but hard to explain to the babysitter.  And this past Saturday there were no Saturday morning cartoons at our house - there was a Saturday morning Brewing lesson with Auntie Taylor.  She got Dustin an at-home brewing kit and she has had to do it all for him because evidently she is the only one that can read directions.     

February 17, 2011

Playing With Daddy

I finally had a chance to get some pictures off of my camera and found these pics of Dustin and Asher playing in the snow.  Asher would rather stand in one place holding a snow ball than ride in the sled!
Ummm I'm not so sure about this
Better get those gloves on good
So I can hold on for dear life!
Please stop!
I've had enough
Hey, Where did you go?
Oh, there you are...
Slow down Dad, I can't walk in these boots.
Or drag me, thats OK too.
Auntie Taylor!  Wanna have a snowball fight?
Let me show you how this is done.

February 16, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day

Yesterday Dustin & I celebrated our 8th Valentine's Day.  Whoa.
It was about as exciting as our first which consisted of a dinner of Mac N Cheese and frozen pizza.  Although last night Grandma Jane made us dinner so it was wonderful!  Mom and Dad stopped by to give Asher his gift and he had a small melt-down when they left.  Dustin even got me a gift this year!  A charm for my Charmilia bracelet!

February 14, 2011

Kick It In The Sticks

I got to go to the concert Thursday night and boy did I have fun!  I can't tell you the last time I got home at 3:00 A.M. - if ever.  Dustin's cousin John and his wife Brenda went with us.  I'm so glad they are the type of people who are up for anything!  I emailed Brenda at 3:00 that afternoon and asked her if they wanted to go to a Brantley Gilbert concert that night.  She emailed me back and said " Sure!  Who is he?"  Gotta love her! 

Doors opened at 7 and we got there about that time.  We were shocked so see that the line was all the way down the street.  So we waited a good half hour in the freezing cold behind some 18 year olds in tank tops.  They were all like "OHMIGOD ITS SOOOOOOOO COLD!"  No shit, its February, wear a coat.  I was totally feeling my age that night because it seemed like every 18 year old in Champaign showed up that night.
The 3 hours we waited for Brantley was well worth it!
Even the guys were having a good time!
3 Hours + 3 Coors Lights + Brantley Gilbert = One Drunk Happy Mama! 
The closest I will pry ever come to a "Mosh Pit" - I even saw a girl get taken down by a woman security guard, it was crazy!
We'll do a little frog giggin - cow tippin
How 'bout a little skinny dippin - bass fishin
Take it easy on the shine - stay away from other boys women
That’s one damn good way for a man to get it wooped downBrenda and I were down in the crowd having ourselves a good time while the boys were the only 2 people up in the balcony - but they were serving a purpose: watching Brenda's purse! 
This picture pretty much sums the night up for me.  I had a BLAST, although I was really missing the Sister and Josh.  I took a couple of videos but I haven't had a chance to upload those yet.  As you can tell in this picture I couldn't really see a damn thing - sucks being short.
I love this picture - John is usually the quiet one but you can tell he was having a good time!
At this point someone needed to take me home - or at least take the camera away from me.

After we left The Canopy Club we were starving since no one had dinner - so we went to Steak N Shake for burgers and some entertaining conversation.  We really need to try to go out with these two more often because we had a lot of fun! 

February 10, 2011


This Mama had big plans for tonight but I'm not quite sure if we'll be going to champaign tonight to see Brantley afterall.  And I'm oh so disappointed.  I had dusted off my cowboy boots and bought a new pleather jacket just for tonight but Josh started having chest pains on Tuesday night.  His Doctor told him yesterday that he had just drank too much caffine.  When he was having pains again last night along with cold sweats and the shakes Taylor took him to the Emergency Room.  At first they the test results looked like he had a heart attack.  They took him by ambulance to Bloomington.  Since he has had more tests they show that he did not have a heart attack but are not sure whats wrong.  He's still there and it isn't too likely he'll get out tonight.  So right now we're scrambling to find someone to go with us tonight on such short notice.  I know Josh and Taylor were REALLY looking forward to going so its a big bummer for them but he needs to figure out whats going on.  Poor kid is only 24, kind of scary!

February 8, 2011

Snowed In

It was kind of nice to be snowed in last Wednesday.  I ended up leaving work early on Tuesday when the snow started because I had to borrow my parents truck.  Of course the day before I ran over a nail in our truck - so we went a head and replaced the tires.  Never fails.

The snow drifts at Grandma and Grandpa's front door.

Since it was a Wednesday, which means "Family Dinner Night" at Mom and Dad's Mom decided to feed everybody. So she texted a few people and we had company for dinner.

Kevin showing one of Katelynn's friends a few tricks.

I can't remember now who tucked his sweatshirt into his pants - but that was just plain mean.
This was pretty much where Dad stayed - when should have known better when he was drinking Grand Marnier out of a licorice straw before lunch....
Asher played hard with Kate
As you can tell, he was one tired little boy!
Intelligent converstation, I'm sure! 
Lots of good friends! 
We always manage to find ourselves gathered here - I love it :)

February 4, 2011

Little People

We love our munchkins and I was so happy that Ashlyn and Brody came to see us last Saturday!  Brody is getting to be such a big boy and Asher was thrilled to have Ashlyn to play with!
Ashlyn's black eye was almost gone! 
The Sister and Sweet Baby Brody :) 
Amazing how much fun they thought the exersaucer was!
Snack time! 

My Birthday!

Well my 25th Birthday was pretty low-key but a good one!  I ended up taking the day off and I was glad I did.  I spent the morning hanging out with Asher then had lunch at Monicals with Mom & Dad, Taylor and Grandma Jane.  Asher and I went home and he had an afternoon nap while I lazed in bed and read a book - a perfect afternoon :)
Asher checking out the snow in our front yard.

Then last night we went out for dinner at my favorite restaurant!  The Bayern Stube!  Mom & Dad, Taylor & Josh and Grandma Jane all went down to Gibson for dinner and it was wonderful!  And yes, you heard me right, I said Josh.  He's baaaaaack.