February 18, 2011

Bad Influences

  • Beer
  • Kitty (AKA Titty)
  • Boob
  • Sh*t
These are the words that my family encourages my young impressionable son to say.  And recently?  My Dad is trying to teach Asher to say "Kitties and Beer" which Asher-translates to the Rodney Carrington song "Titties and Beer" which would be hilarious to hear him say but hard to explain to the babysitter.  And this past Saturday there were no Saturday morning cartoons at our house - there was a Saturday morning Brewing lesson with Auntie Taylor.  She got Dustin an at-home brewing kit and she has had to do it all for him because evidently she is the only one that can read directions.     

1 comment:

Wish I Might said...

HA! I think someone to teach him to say "weiners and wine" too! :)

Isn't it lovely what family wants them to say? Ours were 'truck', 'boob', & 'fork'.