March 1, 2011

I'm Alive

Yeah I know, its been a while.  I just haven't had much to say or many pictures lately.  Not too much has been happening around our house lately.  Asher hasn't been feeling the best which makes for a very cranky boy.  I took him to the Dr yesterday thinking he had another ear infection - but for once he didn't.  She said it was probably just his teeth and he's starting to get a cold too.  Mr Independent has now decided that I cannot carry him anywhere.  He insists on walking out to the car and into either Mom's or Lori's every morning.  Which I'm fine with, it just takes twice as long.

Besides being Mr Independent he is Mr Helpful.  He likes to take our empty glasses and put them in the sink.  Although sometimes he can't see where the sink is and misses and whatever is left in the bottom of the glass is spilled on the counter.  Oh, well.  He also likes to stack toys and stand on them to turn off the lights.  What a helpful little boy!  But in the middle of the night Friday night I woke up FREEZING.  I woke Dustin up to tell him to go check it out.  He came back and said that it was 60 degrees in our house because someone had turned our heat off.  I wonder if a certain little boy couldn't keep his hands off of the thermostat.  His other favorite things to do right now are laundry and putting money in his piggy bank.  I don't think he gets the laundry thing from me but he does get the money thing from his mother.  Last night Mom was over and there was some change sitting on the table and Asher was screaming "Money!"  She had to laugh because most of his words are hard to understand at the least but that one comes out clear as can be ;)
Playing on the computer with Uncle RJ 
With Daddy, Charlee and Uncle Beau at the Home Show 
Auntie Taylor took him to get his face painted! 
And Kolby got a basketball to match 
My little stinker 

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