March 29, 2011

A Boy & His Boots

Bug Boots

If you have seen my little man lately (you haven't seen him on here thats for sure!) you may have noticed that he will only wear boots now.  It doesn't really matter what kind of boots - he loves them all!

Fire Boots

 I can't wait to see him this summer because I'm sure he'll be wearing them with his shorts.  But thats alright, whatever makes him happy!

Asher's latest pair?  These cowboy boots that Mom bought him on Saturday.  He looks so cute!  
Cowboy Boots

He's wearing these bad boys today.

Shit Kickers
And I love these little guys.  I got these at Walmart months ago and have been waiting for him to grow into them.

On Sunday morning Asher refused to wear clothes.  He just wanted to wear his boots.

He wanted Mommy to wear her boots too!

I get this look a lot.

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The Elliotts said...

That's too funny. Caden has a pair of froggie boots that he always wants to wear too!