March 31, 2011

Big Boy Bed

On Sunday Asher decided to climb out of his crib.  This comes only one day after he figured out he could wiggle his way between the railing and bypass the gate at the top of the stairs.  So as I was still getting used to the fact that I can now walk up and down my stairs a free woman I found out that I now needed to convert Asher's crib to a toddler day bed before he fell out and broke his arm.

Auntie Taylor came and picked him up after dinner on Monday night so that Dustin and I had a chance to get his crib switched over and his room re-arranged a little bit.
I'm not sure what he thought when he got home but I think he was excited! 
Whats going on here?!?! 
Of course I was worried about him getting up in the middle of the night and getting into something he shouldn't so I had Dustin move the camera in his room into an upper corner.  We had to keep going back into our room to test out its new position! 
We hung out in his room for a while so he could get used to his new bed 
At first he was SO excited to climb in bed.  Then we did our little bed-time routine and I told him night-night.  We set the sleep timer on his TV and walked out of his room shutting the door.
Melt. Down.
He cried at his door for about 5 minutes.  Dustin and I were glued to the TV in our room watching him and I felt so bad.  Then he climbed in his bed and put his arms behind his Head, watched the Bulls and fell asleep about 10 minutes later!  We've had 3 successful nights with NO issues!!!  I'm so proud of my big boy :)

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