April 30, 2012

37 Weeks

 I didn't seem to take any pictures with Asher after 36 weeks!  This is why I switched to weekly updates/pictures with this lil guy. 

How far along?: 37 Weeks

How big is baby?: 6 1/3 pounds & 19 inches - according to Babycenter but we're thinking he's a lil bigger than that.

Weight gain/loss?: 34 pounds at last appt - I go back to the Dr today to see what the damage is.

Stretch marks?: Nope

Maternity clothes?:  Can't wait to burn them.

Sleep?: A little better.  I think the Unisom is helping!

Food cravings?: Froot Loops.  I know this isn't the best breakfast for me but its all I ate when I was preggo with Asher too.

Gender?: Another Brudder!

Movement?: Lots of feet on top!  I've had some major Braxton Hicks the last week or so.

Belly button?: You mean my third nipple?  Yes, its out.

April 29, 2012

Baby Favorites

When we started Asher on bottles I was just using the Medela ones that came with my pump.  We were having trouble with gas so Dr Austman suggested the Dr Brown's bottles and I LOVED them!

This is probably one of the best gifts I received!  This timer keeps track of everything: Feedings, sleep, diaper changes - it has a place to tell you which side you last nursed on and a handy built in flashlight. 
I tried several different kinds when I had Asher and these were by far my favorite.

When Dustin wanted one of these I thought he was crazy.  After all, Asher was just going to be in the next room - but it ended up being one of my favorite things!  I think I slept with it hooked to the TV in our room the whole first week Asher went into his room.  We also used it when we transitioned into a toddler bed to see what he was doing in there. 

OMG.  I honestly can't believe that I paid $32 for this lil gown for Brudder but if you felt it you would know why.  A few weeks ago we were in Von Maur looking for a going home outfit and I saw this.  I thought it was ugly but I just HAD to touch it.  It is soooo soft.  After snuggling it a little more the beginning of this week I got online and ordered the $46 receiving blanket to match.  I just kept telling myself that I could splurge because I didn't have to buy much for our second lil boy.  The blanket arrived yesterday - totally worth the money!

April 27, 2012

Tid Bits

  • I have some very, very sad news.  Are you ready?  I won't be going to Brantley tomorrow.  Wahhhhhhhh.  I just don't think I can do it and my Dad told me in no uncertain terms that I couldn't go.  We have general admission tickets which is the BEST place to be for Brantley - but not when you're 37 weeks pregnant and can't stand still for that long or go 5 minutes without peeing.  And on top of that Brantley fans are the craziest people EVER - I know this because I am one.  I don't know if I could handle being 1/4" from each person around me at this point.  So I broke down and told Josh he could have my ticket as long as he at least brought me back a t-shirt.
  • This weekend is also prom.  I'll be doing Katelynn's hair and then taking pictures of RJ's little group!
  • I'm starting to feel huge and just "over it" in general.  I'm so ready/not ready for this lil guy to get here.  I just want it to be over but if he comes early it'll screw with all of my plans.
Dustin got a new work truck.  This makes me INSANELY happy for 2 reasons.  First, he can now park in the driveway instead of on the road with the trailer.  I'm sure the neighbors appreciate not having to stare at his Van and Trailer all the time too.  Reason 2 is below.

Tuesday night we had the Widlacki's over for family dinner night to celebrate their 25th Anniversary!

And their daughter Lindsay turned 21 last Friday so we made her this bouquet! 

I've been catching Boo sleeping in the baby's room lately.  He did this right be fore Asher was born too.

This is what Dustin's nightstand looks like on a typical morning.  He gets up in the middle of the night and gets 3 glasses of milk (you know, so he doesn't have to get up to re-fill) and usually a granola bar.

This is another reason I LOVE Dustin's new truck... it has a car seat!  This has been a HUGE help to me already because now I'm not the only one that can take him somewhere!  He even got to go to work with Daddy on Saturday morning.

April 25, 2012

Charlee Turns 3!

On Saturday we had Charlee's 3rd Birthday Party!  Little Miss got all kinds of cool things for her new playhouse.

I could just eat him up.
The other Popejoy Family - soon to be 4!
Mia . Charlee . Asher
Sunning herself in her new chair

Practicing dribbling with Grandma Deb

35/36 Weeks
These boys will be here before we know it!
Birthday hugs before we went home.
Wearing her nightgown that we got her.  So cute!

April 24, 2012

36 Week Appointment

Weight Gain This Appointment:  0!
Total so Far: 34 pounds
Belly Measurement:  She didn't take it since I was "full term"
Brudder's Heart Rate:  130's

What's Next:  I had my Group B Strep test and she checked me but I'm not dilating at all.  She went over the results of my ultrasound from last week and she said that by his measurements Brudder is already weighing in at 6 lbs 9 oz (at Asher's 35 week ultrasound he weighed 5 lbs 9 oz.).  Of course this could be off a pound either way but she said he'll most likely gain another 2.5 pounds before he gets here.  She said he's a "big boy."  I made my appointment for next week and she said I might have another ultrasound in about 3 weeks to check the thickness of my c-section scar to make sure it isn't too weak to have the VBAC.  I can't believe we're almost there!

I also talked to Lynn last night during my massage.  I asked her if there was any way I could call her to come to the hospital when I (hopefully) go into labor.  She said she would be "honored" to be there.  This makes me feel 1,000 times more confident about having this lil guy!!!

April 23, 2012

36 Weeks

Shhhh... yoga pants to work again!

36 Weeks with Asher

 How far along?: 36 Weeks

How big is baby?: 6 pounds and 18.5 inches

Weight gain/loss?: 34 pounds at last appt - I go back to the Dr today to see what the damage is.

Stretch marks?: Nope

Maternity clothes?: For sure.

Sleep?: Not great.  Dr A had told me I could try Unisom so I'll be picking some of that up to try.

Food cravings?: Nothing new.  Trying to find the balance with my water.  If I drink too much I pee every 5 minutes - if I don't drink enough I get awful charlie horses!

Gender?: Another Brudder!

Movement?: Lots of feet on top!  But I don't mind this cuz at least his head is down now :)

Belly button?: Out. - and its looking a little indecent.

April 20, 2012

Tid Bits

  • Boo had his vet appointment on Monday.  My lil guy is weighing in at a hefty 8 pounds and the good news is that his kidneys were fine!  He also has a nice bright smile again :)
  • Wednesday night I woke up 6 times to pee.  You know how when you get up in the middle of the night and look at the clock and pray that it says something really early so that you still have lots of time to sleep?  Well when you get up that many times and can't sleep you pray that it will say 5:30 so you can just get up.
  • I had my size/position ultrasound yesterday and guess what?!  Brudder is head down!  Thank God because I really didn't need something else working against me and having a VBAC.  He is also measuring good - just a couple of days ahead of my due date.
  • They finally scheduled one of my ultrasounds on a Thursday.  If you are a fan of the Bayern Stube you know that this means they are open for lunch!  I made a very happy plate with my cup of Hungarian Goulash Soup, Rahmschnitzel, Red Cabbage and of course Lemon Berry Marscapone for dessert!
  • I wore black yoga pants to work this week - I don't think anyone noticed.
  • We still haven't converted the baby's bed back into a crib from a toddler bed.  I'm starting to realize that the clock is ticking and I would like to get a few things accomplished in the next couple of weeks.  
  • I have some pictures this weekend and we also have Charlee's 3rd birthday party.  I'm hoping Asher doesn't ask where his presents are again!
Tuesday night my Dad told me I was starting to look like Bubba J.  Yes, my shirts are getting a little short...

Giving Uncle RJ a hug before heading home.

Cruising around in Papa's garage.  I think the car is getting a little too small!
Passed out on the way to Lake Bloomington to have a burger at Green Gables!  Notice his sunglasses fell off too :)

Hmmm.... Guess this is what Dad is talking about :)

April 19, 2012

Papa Ray's Birthday

Last Tuesday night we had dinner at Dustin's Dad and Sue's for his Dad's birthday.  We also celebrated Charlee's 3rd Birthday since Ray and Sue will be out of town this weekend.  Asher couldn't understand why he didn't get to open birthday presents!
Singing Happy Birthday
Miss Charlee opening her gifts
And the Mama's.  Looking very pregnant at 34 weeks with 2 little Popejoy Boys!

April 18, 2012

Easter With Deb

Last Sunday we had Easter with Dustin's Mom.  Charlee ended up being sick that day so Asher was on his own for the Easter Egg Hunt.  He really seemed to enjoy it this year now that he knows what is going on!

He got a fishing poll that has a magnet on it and a fish that actually swims in water.
It was so cool.  Uncle Beau helped him catch it a couple of times.  We went to Mom and Dad's that night and he took it in the hot tub with him.  He was a little freaked out that it "swims" and its mouth opens and closes.  He was sure it was going to bite him :)