April 20, 2012

Tid Bits

  • Boo had his vet appointment on Monday.  My lil guy is weighing in at a hefty 8 pounds and the good news is that his kidneys were fine!  He also has a nice bright smile again :)
  • Wednesday night I woke up 6 times to pee.  You know how when you get up in the middle of the night and look at the clock and pray that it says something really early so that you still have lots of time to sleep?  Well when you get up that many times and can't sleep you pray that it will say 5:30 so you can just get up.
  • I had my size/position ultrasound yesterday and guess what?!  Brudder is head down!  Thank God because I really didn't need something else working against me and having a VBAC.  He is also measuring good - just a couple of days ahead of my due date.
  • They finally scheduled one of my ultrasounds on a Thursday.  If you are a fan of the Bayern Stube you know that this means they are open for lunch!  I made a very happy plate with my cup of Hungarian Goulash Soup, Rahmschnitzel, Red Cabbage and of course Lemon Berry Marscapone for dessert!
  • I wore black yoga pants to work this week - I don't think anyone noticed.
  • We still haven't converted the baby's bed back into a crib from a toddler bed.  I'm starting to realize that the clock is ticking and I would like to get a few things accomplished in the next couple of weeks.  
  • I have some pictures this weekend and we also have Charlee's 3rd birthday party.  I'm hoping Asher doesn't ask where his presents are again!
Tuesday night my Dad told me I was starting to look like Bubba J.  Yes, my shirts are getting a little short...

Giving Uncle RJ a hug before heading home.

Cruising around in Papa's garage.  I think the car is getting a little too small!
Passed out on the way to Lake Bloomington to have a burger at Green Gables!  Notice his sunglasses fell off too :)

Hmmm.... Guess this is what Dad is talking about :)

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