January 31, 2011

I Love this Kid!

Whats that all over his face?  Mascara.  He was awfully quiet last night and I told Dustin to go see what he was doing.  Dustin went back in our room and started yelling at me to "Come clean this mess up."  I couldn't stop laughing.  Dustin did not find this at all amusing.  He had to climb up on the toilet and stand on top of it to reach the mascara that sits on top of my vanity.  At least he knows where it goes.  When I was carrying him out to the livingroom he just keep pointing at it and saying "eyes, eyes" it was so funny.

Do you have Facebook?

Good!  Vote for Asher!  Yes, I've entered him in another contest.  Remember Laura Kruger who took his awesome 1 year pictures?  Well she's having a contest on Facebook to give away a free session.  I had to send in a snapshot of Asher and believe it or not I didn't have a good recent one so I had to go with this one:

Here are her rules for voting.


1. "Like" the 'Laura Kruger Photography' page on Facebook at:

This is a REALLY important step. If you do not "Like" the page first, you WILL NOT see a "Like" button under the photos!!

2. Check out all the photos in the album labeled "Portrait Session Giveaway" once the voting has begun. (Wednesday, Feb. 2nd at 8AM) Once you're on the page with the photo that you would like to vote for, click "Like". (Only the photo you want to vote on should be able to be seen.)

3. Click "Like" under the photo

4. You've voted!!

January 28, 2011


Not too much going on this week.  Dustin is going skiing again this weekend with Kevin Kafer and my cousin Milissa is bringing the kiddos up for a visit tomorrow - can't wait!

Next week though?  Big week.  I turn 25.  Wow, that seems a lot older than 24 for some reason.  Next week is a busy week in general with appointments and such, including another ultrasound to see if my cyst has cleared itself up on Monday.  Then I'll walk across the street to see Dr Brucker!

I got the most AMAZING news from the sister today.  We're going to see BRANTLEY GILBERT in Champaign on February 10th!!!  Which is such a coincidence because that was on my list to do today - check into finding tickets to an event this summer to take Taylor to for her birthday.  Who is Brantley Gilbert?  This guy:

He wrote "My Kinda Party" that Jason Aldean sings.  This almost makes up for having to miss Justin Moore in December.

January 26, 2011

Asher & Diesel

After the game on Sunday Taylor made the mistake of saying "Bath" in front of Asher so he had his second one for the day.  Everyone had gone home so I told Jimmy to go ahead and bring his dog Diesel inside.  Asher was in love.
Asher, meet Diesel. 
Wow Mom, he lets me pet him!
Its for you. 

January 25, 2011


On Sunday we had some family over for the Bears/Packers game.  If you know me you know that I would rather stick needles in my eyes than watch football - but Dustin told me I had to stay home.  BooHoo.

January 19, 2011

The Rest of the Weekend

On Sunday Mom & I ran to Bloomington to pick up a few things.  Asher stayed home with Dustin.  Its amazing what you can get done when you don't have a little man with you!  Later that afternoon Ray and Sue stopped to see Asher and then Mom, Dad and RJ came over for dinner.  Bubby loves to be the center of attention!
How stinkin cute is he? 
And rotten too! 
Dustin looks exactly like his Dad.
Playing with Grandma Sue's phone 
Dualing vacuums! 
I had Monday off so we went shopping in Tuscola and Champaign. 
We shopped until Asher dropped :)

January 18, 2011

A Funeral & A New "Friend"

On Saturday morning we had my Great Uncle Rink's funeral in Chenoa.  Afterward my Dad's brothers came back to their house.  This was a treat because the 4 Weber boys only get together for Christmas Eve and Glo's Birthday in May.  We had a great time!  We also had almost 2 cases of beer in 2 hours...
LOTS of story telling going on.
Mom & Mabel 
Asher eyeing a beer 
Playing with Uncle RJ 
Everyone watching a video of what Dad wants to do with his basement
About an hour into it the wrestling began... 
Uncle Webe took Taylor out! 
Then Dustin had to body-slam RJ 

I think this is where I was telling Dustin I couldn't believe how bald he was. 
I think this is the one where my Dad was telling Uncle Webe (a plumber) that the sister was dating another plumber.  Because in case you didn't know.... My Grandpa was a plumber, 2 of my Uncles are plumbers, my husband is a plumber... we thought we broke the cycle cuz Josh was an electrician.  But this new guy - yep, he's a plumber too!
HAHAHA look at the Sister's face.  She was so freakin pissed at me.  I wanted to get some sort of picture to commemorate a big event!  After weeks of the sister saying that Jimmy was "just her friend" my Aunt Linda asked Mom what he was.  To that Mom turned to Jimmy and asked "So are you her boyfriend or what?" and he just said "Yeah, might as well be."  And that was that.  Taylor was pissssed at us.  I think she just wanted us to leave it alone.  But if you know my family we can't just leave it alone.  We pretty much knew when he started coming to family dinner night that he wasn't just her friend.  Those two have been friends for years so them being together didn't come as a surprise.  When Uncle Webe asked Dad how long they had been together Dad's reply was "Since they were 2." 
These 2 could be trouble if ever left alone.  Dustin thinks my Uncle Jeff is just hilarious.  And he loves his new "Plumber's Cola" huggie that Jeff gave him.

January 7, 2011

Bernice & Ioma

I don't know what it is about impending ultrasounds but they cause me to have very strange dreams.  And no, the impending ultrasound I had this week wasn't because of a pregnancy but because of another ruptured cyst. 
In August of '08 I awoke to the most awful pain in my life, I felt like I was dying.  I had no idea what was going on but decided I needed to go to the emergency room.  Dustin of course didn't want to be late for work so he called my Mom to take me - does that surprise you?  When we got there I had to admit in front of my Mom that we had just started trying for a baby so they immediately thought I had an ectopic pregnancy and scheduled an ultrasound.  They found that I had a ruptured cyst instead.  I had never really heard of cysts rupturing but my doctor told me that going off of the birth control had caused it to basically "come out."

 The next month I was pregnant and never really gave it another thought.  That was until I woke up a couple of weeks ago with the same pain.  I got up and went to the bathroom and tried to make it back into bed but the pain was so bad that I totally passed out before I could make it back.  Dustin woke up when I hit the ground.  He jumped up, yelled like a girl and turned on the light.  I told him I thought I was having another cyst rupture and he said something to the effect of  "oh good, I thought you were dead," turned off the light and went back to bed.  So I laid on the floor for about 10 minutes until I could get myself back in bed.  I called Mom and we decided to not go to the emergency room this time.  I did go to the doctor that day and scheduled an ultrasound for the next week.

The night before we found out what we were having with Asher I had this dream that during the ultrasound they pulled the baby (a girl) out and I got to hold her and she was full grown.  The cord was still attached and everything it was so weird.  When the appt was over they put her back in and I went home.  So the night before my ultrasound for my cyst this week I had this dream that I went in and there on the screen were 2 cysts.  But they weren't exactly cysts they were more like my Great Grandma Bernice and her sister Ioma.  And they were just hanging out on my ovaries.  Talking - pry making sweet pickles or something.  Strangest thing I have ever seen.  So when I got the call yesterday that I had a rupture on the left side and that I still have a cyst on the right it makes me wonder who is still in there... Bernice or Ioma?

January 6, 2011


This is what happens when Daddy gives Asher his bath:

January 4, 2011

Christmas with Deb

On Sunday we had our last Christmas with Dustin's Mom and her husband Steve.  Its a good thing too becuase we need to re-organize and but away some "baby" toys to make room for all his loot.  Its a good thing his birthday and Christmas are 6 months apart!

Asher was scared to death! 
Charlee, however, LOVED her horsey! 
I have a feeling that he'll be riding this thing in no time!