January 28, 2011


Not too much going on this week.  Dustin is going skiing again this weekend with Kevin Kafer and my cousin Milissa is bringing the kiddos up for a visit tomorrow - can't wait!

Next week though?  Big week.  I turn 25.  Wow, that seems a lot older than 24 for some reason.  Next week is a busy week in general with appointments and such, including another ultrasound to see if my cyst has cleared itself up on Monday.  Then I'll walk across the street to see Dr Brucker!

I got the most AMAZING news from the sister today.  We're going to see BRANTLEY GILBERT in Champaign on February 10th!!!  Which is such a coincidence because that was on my list to do today - check into finding tickets to an event this summer to take Taylor to for her birthday.  Who is Brantley Gilbert?  This guy:

He wrote "My Kinda Party" that Jason Aldean sings.  This almost makes up for having to miss Justin Moore in December.

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