January 18, 2011

A Funeral & A New "Friend"

On Saturday morning we had my Great Uncle Rink's funeral in Chenoa.  Afterward my Dad's brothers came back to their house.  This was a treat because the 4 Weber boys only get together for Christmas Eve and Glo's Birthday in May.  We had a great time!  We also had almost 2 cases of beer in 2 hours...
LOTS of story telling going on.
Mom & Mabel 
Asher eyeing a beer 
Playing with Uncle RJ 
Everyone watching a video of what Dad wants to do with his basement
About an hour into it the wrestling began... 
Uncle Webe took Taylor out! 
Then Dustin had to body-slam RJ 

I think this is where I was telling Dustin I couldn't believe how bald he was. 
I think this is the one where my Dad was telling Uncle Webe (a plumber) that the sister was dating another plumber.  Because in case you didn't know.... My Grandpa was a plumber, 2 of my Uncles are plumbers, my husband is a plumber... we thought we broke the cycle cuz Josh was an electrician.  But this new guy - yep, he's a plumber too!
HAHAHA look at the Sister's face.  She was so freakin pissed at me.  I wanted to get some sort of picture to commemorate a big event!  After weeks of the sister saying that Jimmy was "just her friend" my Aunt Linda asked Mom what he was.  To that Mom turned to Jimmy and asked "So are you her boyfriend or what?" and he just said "Yeah, might as well be."  And that was that.  Taylor was pissssed at us.  I think she just wanted us to leave it alone.  But if you know my family we can't just leave it alone.  We pretty much knew when he started coming to family dinner night that he wasn't just her friend.  Those two have been friends for years so them being together didn't come as a surprise.  When Uncle Webe asked Dad how long they had been together Dad's reply was "Since they were 2." 
These 2 could be trouble if ever left alone.  Dustin thinks my Uncle Jeff is just hilarious.  And he loves his new "Plumber's Cola" huggie that Jeff gave him.

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