April 11, 2011

Visit with Ashlyn & Brody

Again, I'm a little behind on the blog - BUT I got my blog book in the mail on Saturday and it gave me the inspiration I need to keep going.  This book is AWESOME.  No need for scrap booking when you have a blog.  There is a website where you put in your blog address, a date range (I did 2009) and they printed me out a nice hardcover color book of every single post I did with all of the pictures.  Its beautiful!  

But anyway, back to our last weekend.  Milissa's husband Ryan was going to be gone so Asher & me, Mom, Taylor, Grandma Jane and Annie headed to Pekin to go spend the night with Milissa and the kids.  We met up in Peoria and did some shopping.  Of course most of our shopping was done with visions of slot machines dancing in our heads because in 32 days the ladies are going to VEGAS for the Sister's 21st BiRtHdAy!!!  Taylor turns 21 on May 11th and we are leaving on the 13th for a long weekend with 13 women in Vegas.  Wow, that will be quite a post.  We all needed some new clothes to take with us so we went shopping and had lunch.  Then had dinner back at Mili's and the kids got to play.
Asher & Ashlyn had fun playing together.  Most of the time they even played nice! 
And I'm so glad Asher isn't to the point yet where he wants to pick out his own PJ's. 

In the morning Auntie Taylor gave them a bath after they played outside with the Nannies. 
They thought this was great fun! 
Then Taylor, Mom and I took the kids out to lunch so that Milissa could have a chance to get ready for her purse party that afternoon.  Wow.  Can't imagine having kids close together!

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