April 12, 2011

Playing Catch-Up

Since I didn't update for a month I'm not going to even try to post all of my pictures in different posts.  So instead, here is one "catch-up" post with all of my pictures!
Asher kept saying potty so I went in the spare bedroom where his potty was waiting until I thought it was time to get it out.  I was impressed that he was telling me he had to go. 
He sat on it for half an hour that day so we finally moved it into the living room because Mommy was bored.  It was a couple of days later that I figured out that he calls the vacuum potty also and they are in the same closet...
In March Mom & Dad had a garage party and Asher had fun being the center of attention.  He climbed up and sat with the big boys.  He even had to have a huggie on his bottle of water. 

Dad got to show off the new bar he made.  We're still try to figure out if its a sin to cut up a pulpit and make a bar out of it... 
We also had Kane's 2nd Birthday Party! 
And Wow, the Righter family is growing :) 
My Bubby is so handsome!
We also celebrated Dustin's Mom's birthday which is the same day as Kane's

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