February 4, 2011

My Birthday!

Well my 25th Birthday was pretty low-key but a good one!  I ended up taking the day off and I was glad I did.  I spent the morning hanging out with Asher then had lunch at Monicals with Mom & Dad, Taylor and Grandma Jane.  Asher and I went home and he had an afternoon nap while I lazed in bed and read a book - a perfect afternoon :)
Asher checking out the snow in our front yard.

Then last night we went out for dinner at my favorite restaurant!  The Bayern Stube!  Mom & Dad, Taylor & Josh and Grandma Jane all went down to Gibson for dinner and it was wonderful!  And yes, you heard me right, I said Josh.  He's baaaaaack. 


Whitney_87 said...

haha, I had to laugh about Josh, Taylor makes me laugh. As long as she is super happy right? Hope you had a wonderful birthday Tess!

Wish I Might said...

Happy Birthday!!