February 14, 2011

Kick It In The Sticks

I got to go to the concert Thursday night and boy did I have fun!  I can't tell you the last time I got home at 3:00 A.M. - if ever.  Dustin's cousin John and his wife Brenda went with us.  I'm so glad they are the type of people who are up for anything!  I emailed Brenda at 3:00 that afternoon and asked her if they wanted to go to a Brantley Gilbert concert that night.  She emailed me back and said " Sure!  Who is he?"  Gotta love her! 

Doors opened at 7 and we got there about that time.  We were shocked so see that the line was all the way down the street.  So we waited a good half hour in the freezing cold behind some 18 year olds in tank tops.  They were all like "OHMIGOD ITS SOOOOOOOO COLD!"  No shit, its February, wear a coat.  I was totally feeling my age that night because it seemed like every 18 year old in Champaign showed up that night.
The 3 hours we waited for Brantley was well worth it!
Even the guys were having a good time!
3 Hours + 3 Coors Lights + Brantley Gilbert = One Drunk Happy Mama! 
The closest I will pry ever come to a "Mosh Pit" - I even saw a girl get taken down by a woman security guard, it was crazy!
We'll do a little frog giggin - cow tippin
How 'bout a little skinny dippin - bass fishin
Take it easy on the shine - stay away from other boys women
That’s one damn good way for a man to get it wooped downBrenda and I were down in the crowd having ourselves a good time while the boys were the only 2 people up in the balcony - but they were serving a purpose: watching Brenda's purse! 
This picture pretty much sums the night up for me.  I had a BLAST, although I was really missing the Sister and Josh.  I took a couple of videos but I haven't had a chance to upload those yet.  As you can tell in this picture I couldn't really see a damn thing - sucks being short.
I love this picture - John is usually the quiet one but you can tell he was having a good time!
At this point someone needed to take me home - or at least take the camera away from me.

After we left The Canopy Club we were starving since no one had dinner - so we went to Steak N Shake for burgers and some entertaining conversation.  We really need to try to go out with these two more often because we had a lot of fun! 

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