February 8, 2011

Snowed In

It was kind of nice to be snowed in last Wednesday.  I ended up leaving work early on Tuesday when the snow started because I had to borrow my parents truck.  Of course the day before I ran over a nail in our truck - so we went a head and replaced the tires.  Never fails.

The snow drifts at Grandma and Grandpa's front door.

Since it was a Wednesday, which means "Family Dinner Night" at Mom and Dad's Mom decided to feed everybody. So she texted a few people and we had company for dinner.

Kevin showing one of Katelynn's friends a few tricks.

I can't remember now who tucked his sweatshirt into his pants - but that was just plain mean.
This was pretty much where Dad stayed - when should have known better when he was drinking Grand Marnier out of a licorice straw before lunch....
Asher played hard with Kate
As you can tell, he was one tired little boy!
Intelligent converstation, I'm sure! 
Lots of good friends! 
We always manage to find ourselves gathered here - I love it :)

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