July 19, 2011

Angels in Heaven

On Sunday we went on the Angels in Heaven Memorial Ride for Tori and Alec Crutcher.  If you haven't heard their story grab a box of Kleenex and click here.

This was something truly amazing to see.  So many people - different kinds of people- coming together to remember the Crutcher kids.  It was a great day but sooooo hot.  Since I would never get on a bike - way to dangerous - we borrowed Dustin's Dad's Jeep and had a great time.

Something you don't see everyday

Asher!  He spent the day with his Papa Ray

Kevin saw this...

And got all excited

Tom & Mary Lou Culkin were cruzin behind us

And Mom & Dad and Heidi & Kevin in front of us

I love to go for rides

In the country

Have you noticed?

We realized Scott hadn't initiated Josh with a kiss.  They've been dating 3 years and Scott hasn't kissed him yet???   I don't think Dustin lasted 3 months.

We toasted Whitey

But after a long day of sweating my butt off I was ready to pick Asher up, shower and crash at home. 


Jarrin said...

your dad looks almost too big to be riding in that jeep! :-] i LOVE how his foot is out on the door panel! lol looks like a fun day

Natalie said...

I stumbled upon your blog, not sure how exactly...but anyway.

The radio-flyer wagon car, that cracks me up. The guy lives in my little small town. I see him all the time. When he first got it, it caused quite the scene.

PS - very jealous that you went to that Brantley Gilbert concert.