July 15, 2011

Family Dinner Night

I know I've mentioned Family Dinner night before.  Every Wednesday night we go to my Mom and Dad's for dinner.  I love this.  I think it stems from the fact that we sat down to dinner every.single.night as a family.  Well not Thursday nights - that's Dad's church lodge night so he's gone every Thursday.  I'm glad we've carried on somewhat of a tradition now that we're older.  A lot of the time Grandma Jane joins us for dinner and whoever else wants to come can - so sometimes there are lots of people!

We are your typical slightly dysfunctional family.
We make fun of each other and manage to talk about shit at some point every week.
We don't know why this happens, it just does. 
Asher sits in the corner with a lawn & leaf garbage bag under him 
This just makes me insanely happy 
Helping Uncle RJ 
Workin on the Silver Stallion 
I love this kid! 
There is lots of sitting around and talking.  And yes, drinking beer. 
My Uncle Denny hooked up the little hot tub today so we had to try it out. 
Watch these two, monkey see - monkey do 

Somehow Asher has gone from calling him Ko-bee to Boo-bee. 
Oh well, he's still a baby.

This is something I will make sure I do with my family.  It's a chance for us all to get together and bug the shit out of each other once a week.  Now that's love.

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Jessie said...

OMG Tess, that picture of him peeing outside is the FUNNIEST thing I've seen in a LONG TIME... LOL.