July 21, 2011

I Apologize

To any of you who saw the offensive post on my Facebook wall yesterday I apologize.

It was Dustin's fault.

I got a message from a friend that my account had been hacked.  When I got home from work I got on and saw a pretty nasty post that was on my wall.  So I deleted it and changed my password.  I just figured it was one of those things that somehow got on my account.  So yesterday was Wednesday and that means it was family dinner night.  Dustin was telling us how awful it was working outside in the heat yesterday and how he had to take a crap in a porta-potty.  (told you we manage to talk about shit every week) So he went on to explain how he was in there for at least 5 minutes and had sweat about a 5 gallon bucket on the floor by the time he was done.  Lovely.

So later on we were out on the patio and Dad was asking me what I put on my Facebook page - I think he was mortified when he saw it.  Dustin pipes up and is like - "Yeah!  I was on my phone in the porta-potty and I got on your facebook and saw that someone posted something like that and I clicked on it.  It took me to all kinds of stuff and wanted me to register."  So you see, its my husbands fault.  

But then again, I was stupid enough to give him my new password.

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Wish I Might said...

Ok... I'm going to go send you a friend request on facebook now! :) Have a great week!