July 29, 2011

Memory Lane

I was reading an Anniversary post this week over on Mama Made It's personal blog and she went back and had posted different pictures of their family over the last few years.  Since it isn't my anniversary but it IS my parents I thought it was a good excuse to do the same!

Tomorrow my parents will be married 28 years.
If it looks like they were babies its because they were - just 18 & 19!


We went out this time last year and celebrated Mom and Dad's 27th Anniversary by going to the Lake Road Inn. 
Asher still had baby fat a year ago!  And we celebrated Ashlyn's 2nd Birthday because Little Missy turns 3 TODAY!


This time 2 years ago Asher was just a couple of months old.  We didn't really leave the house so there are no other fun pictures to share.
But we did go see Miss Ashlyn on her 1st Birthday!
and boy does this make me miss Zelma :( 
My goodness.  Look at all those babies.  You should see all of them now.
I'll have to try and get their pic this weekend at Ashlyn's party!
That's Asher there in the navy shorts laying all the way back :)
But 2 years ago we were both chunky.

This was a very good year.
We had a big party for Mom & Dad's 25th Anniversary. 
And it was a whole lotta fun. 
Milissa had this little peanut and I decided it was time to have one of my own.
1 day preggo!  Just didn't know it at the time :)
And I wasn't messin around!  Ashlyn and Asher are almost exactly 10 months apart!

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rachel b said...

very fun!! great pictures!!