July 26, 2011

Country Must Be Country Wide

I had been patiently not so patiently waiting for this day all summer.
Brantley was back in Champaign! 
This required a new outfit and pedicures that morning with The Sister.

Asher spent the night with Meme & Papa.  When we left home of course he had to wear his boots too!

Dustin's cousin John and his wife Brenda joined us for yet another Brantley concert!  I'm so glad they came.  But this time Brenda brought along little Axel who is just 17 weeks away from making his arrival.  I'm so glad that "Auntie Tess" was able to take him to his first concert.  And Mama was a trooper because it was insanely hot and there was NO breeze in the Grand Stands.

BG July 2011
BG February 2011
The Sister brought along Erin Petersen to be her date since Josh had a Bachelor Party this weekend.
WooHoo!  The heat, nor the smell of BO or the lack of alcohol could keep us from enjoying ourselves!
And when I say it heat I mean heat!  Poor little guy!
But nothin was as hott as Brantley! 
For a crowd who looked like they were going to fall asleep during the 2 opening acts 
We sure came alive when BG took the stage!
No concert post would be complete without the boot pic :) 

I saw the girl with this sign in line.  She looked like she was going to give birth next to the tilt-a-whirl.  The other side of that sign?  It said "Brantley, Meet Brantley!"  She was even naming the baby after him! 

Country Must Be Country Wide!

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