March 18, 2013

Adler is 10 Months!

Ohhhh Hermie,
Another month has flown by and you're now 10 months.  I still don't know how this is possible!  Pretty soon we're going to be planning your big birthday party!
 You are seriously the sweetest little guy.  You are very serious by nature but we can still get some good smiles and belly laughs out of you - especially your brother!
 This month you finally quit army crawling and are up on your hands and knees.  You pull yourself up to whatever you can find and are into everything!  You especially like things you can open and shut like cabinets and drawers.
 You had a double ear infection this month - Boo :(  But while we were there we got a new weight on you - exactly 21 pounds and 29.5".  We are STILL NURSING!!!!   I'm so proud of us :)  You continue to love whatever food I give you and have now started getting tiny bits of Hawaiian rolls or your favorite: Lost In Time cinnamon rolls :)
I can't wait for this summer to get you outside to play with your brother.  I'm sure he'll have a thing or two to teach you :)

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