May 18, 2010

Glo's Birthday 5.7.10

The cousins

On Friday May 7th we had a little "celebration" for what would have been Glo's 85th Birthday.  We had the Aunts and cousins from Chenoa over too since they hadn't seen the house since it had been done.  Everyone had a really good time.  Its too bad the whole family doesn't get together more often because it makes for some good times and some serious laughs. 

We even got RJ to put on Dads jean "leisure suit" from high school and Jamie to wear our Great Aunt Marilyn's prom dress.  She was going to prom the next day but I don't think she opted to wear this one.

Mommy even finished not 1 but 2 beers!  That was quite an accomplishment for me lately.  Asher had been asleep for a while so he got to spend the night.  I was up and back over sleeping on Mom and Dad's couch by 6:15 the next morning waiting for him to wake up though!  I was trying to practice for the next weekend because we were getting a BABYSITTER.  I even made it before Asher turned 1 :)
Did you feel the earth quake a little bit that Friday night?  If you did it was Glo rolling over in her grave at the things we were doing in her kitchen...

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