May 18, 2010

Auntie Taylor's Birthday

Taylor's 20th Birthday was Tuesday, May 11th.  We had dinner and Mom and Dad's house that night.  Asher enjoyed her cake and helped her to blow out all those candles!  It was making me wish this year was the big 21 because we would be on our way to VEGAS!!!  The sister is the last of the girls on that side of the family to turn 21 so that will be it for a while.  I'm ready to go back and can't wait.  Hopefully I'll be ready to leave the Bubb by then. 
Then on Saturday night Taylor & Josh, Dustin & I, Mom & Dad, Heidi & Kevin and Grandma Jane all went down to Kobe's for dinner.  Yes, Katelynn babysat the Bubbs and she said he was perfect.  I was all worried about having a babysitter at night for the first time.  I never once thought about there being a problem with my other son.  Anyone who knows my precious BooBoo knows that he is very selective about who he likes and who he lets touch him.  Kate and Kolby took Asher on a walk and decided to take Boo with them.  I never even thought to tell them not to try to take my little viper dog with them.  Anytime he goes on a walk he needs a harness because he tends to pull out of his collar, which he did.  So Kate had Asher in the stroller and a Chihuahua on the loose who won't let anyone touch him let alone pick him up!  She got bit several times before she finally called RJ to come and get him.  Of course it was no problem for Uncle RJ to catch him.  He's on "the list."  Poor Kate.  Other than that I had a good time at dinner, even drank a beer.  BUT I didn't have a good enough time that I'll be going out all the time.  Everyone else continued on to the Country Club, I went on home at 9:00 after dinner. 

Uncle Josh's Birthday is today so we'll have one last "birthday party" tomorrow night at Mom and Dad's for him then I think we're done.  Phew!

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