May 3, 2010

Charlee's 1st Birthday Party!

On Saturday night we had Charlee's 1st Birthday Party!!!  I can't believe Little Miss Charlee is a year already, this past year has just flew by.  Here is a picture of the Birthday girl with Mommy and Daddy.

The happy girl with all those presents!

The kiddos enjoying her new swing.

A picture of their little family before she got too messy with her cake :)

Being a nice little boy and giving his cousin a push.

Charlee got a bike trailer too so Asher got to go for a ride with her.  Despite how good they're sitting in the picture it didn't go so well.  Having these two in a small area without us to catch Asher wasn't such a good idea.  I also think we might have to have a talk with him when he gets a little older and tell him that although Charlee is a pretty little girl she is still his cousin and he cant keep kissing her that way.

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