August 23, 2010

The Fairbury Fair

Friday night Annie watched Asher while we went out to the Fair.  Dustin's cousin John and his wife Brenda came up from Bellflower and we went out with them and Taylor & Josh and Mom & Dad.  Needless to say I had a REALLY good time and neither of us could bring ourselves to go back out Saturday night.  So we took Asher out on Sunday - here are some pictures from his first Fair!
Running the siren

Cranking the Firetruck - Love this face!

I think one of Asher's favorite parts of the day was hanging out on the firetruck!  This might be his favorite "car" of Papa's.  He even did the siren by himself.  He didn't get to go for a ride but the Homecoming Parade is coming up soon!
Asher & Ethan
Driving with Papa
He's crying because he didn't wanna get out!
Asher's new favorite word?  MORE!  And boy did he use it yesterday with all that fair food :)

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