October 20, 2011

Telling Dustin's Parents

So you know how I told you that telling Dustin's parents was a whole separate post?  We took pics of us telling them - I HAD to catch their expressions on this one...

We had a wedding for one of our friends at the shop the weekend after I found out I was pregnant and because I was afraid I wouldn't be able to hide it we decided to tell Dustin's Dad & Sue right before the wedding.  My excuse was that I wanted a picture of the 6 of us all dressed up.
Awww one nice picture before I drop the bomb.
Sayyyyyyyyyyyyy BABIES!
Sue: "Ohmigod you're having twins?!?!!?
No, but close!  Jodi & I are due the same day!!!
LOL, you heard me right!  Not only did Jodi & I get to share our pregnancies last time being 6 weeks apart - she had texted me that morning saying "you're not gonna believe this..."

Although the first day of our last period was the same day Dr Austman put my due date as May 24th and Jodi's Dr set hers at May 25th.  Dr Austman laughed and said that we were going to have dueling cervix's.  The guys at the shop also had lots of theories about how Jodi & I wound up pregnant on the same day - but they are too crude to repeat on here!
Maybe Jodi & I just have some weird ESP - while we both knew the other was seriously considering another baby we had no idea this would happen - so cool.  I cannot wait to share yet another pregnancy with Jodi and thoroughly enjoy or daily emails chronicling our pains, exhaustion, nausea and other experiences.  I love having someone to talk to going through the same thing as me.  In case you lost count - that makes all four married Popejoy cousin's pregnant and four Lil Popejoy's arriving within 8 months of each other.  Lord help us.


Anonymous said...

Jodi's pregnant too?!?! I wondered if that was gonna be the next big thing! That's so awesome! Congrats to all of you!! It's so neat that your kids will get to grow up together! My prediction this time around - you have a girl and Jodi has a boy! Time to switch it up a bit!

Tess Weber-Popejoy said...

Crazy as it is - yes we're both pregnant again! Jodi has said for the past several weeks she thinks she is having a boy. Because this pregnancy is SO different from my first lots of people have told me they think its a girl.... guess we'll see!

Whitney_87 said...

That is so awesome!! I dont know what made me think of this but when you posted your last blog I thought...I wonder if Jodi is pregnant! Congrats to the whole Popejoy family!!!

Julie S. said...

How incredibly exciting!