October 19, 2011

I've Finally Figured it Out

After WEEKS of Asher waking up several times in the middle of the night I've finally figured it out.  Now yes, he did come and get me every time he went pee in his pull-up (it was always still warm) but obviously that wasn't the only issue.  You might have noticed from pictures that all Asher ever wants to wear at home is underwear.  I'm fine with this.  He can go use the potty by himself this way and if that's what he wants to wear then go for it.  But when it comes time for bed the kid refuses to wear jammies.  All he wants to sleep in is a pull up.  And he won't let me cover him up - he only wants his night night for covers which is his small baby blanket. 

So last Thursday night we were getting his pull up on for bed and I decided to break out a pair of last years light weight footie jammies.  He kicked and screamed but I finally got them on him.  Taylor stopped by and decided to take him to Dairy Queen for ice cream then to Mom & Dad's while I edited some pictures.  I went to pick him up an hour later and here is what I found:

Mom said he was completely out.  I took him home and put him in bed.... and he slept all night.

So I pulled out the fleece footies I bought for this winter and we wore those the next night... and he slept all night.  I'm proud to say My Lil Man has slept through the night ever since he started wearing warm comfy jammies.  But if you hear screaming coming from our house about 8:30 every night don't be alarmed - I'm just trying to wrestle him in the damn things.


Davis Family said...

Tess, he is to cute!! Kaden just wants to wear shorts to bed, so we have a fight every night at our house too. :).

Julie S. said...

Brayden also hates the footed jammies, but he is such a wiggle worm in bed that he doesn't stay under the covers! I am always afraid he will be cold.