October 18, 2011

Mommy on #2

I struggled with deciding whether or not to have another one and when.
I knew I wanted my children to be a good 3 years apart but I also wanted Asher to be my baby forever - I'm still hoping he will be.  I'm also trying to raise my husband at the same time but I don't think that's ever going to change so I'll just have to accept that. 

I had decided last fall that I would start trying right after we got home from The Sister's birthday trip to Vegas in May so I went off the pill in April.  But the closer we got to summer the more I doubted my decision so we didn't start trying right away.  I had things to do like go to Nashville, see Justin Moorefly down a back road and OHMIGOD BRANTLEY

By some freak of nature I had lost all my baby weight and then some over the past year and I knew that would pry be my last summer of skinniness.  But I also knew I had some time constraints because my cousin Addie had asked me to be a Bridesmaid!  With an October 2012 wedding in the works I knew my window was getting smaller and smaller.  Finally in August I told Dustin I thought we'd better do something about it because I wanted to hit May 2012.  The kids would be almost exactly 3 years apart and I would have 4 solid months to lose some of my baby weight. 

I had been charting my cycles since April so I got my spreadsheet all ready and knew "the day."  I found out almost exactly one month after I decided to start trying that I was pregnant.  While I knew I had a good chance that first month I was still shocked to see that positive test.  I came out of the bathroom and woke Dustin up to show him.  His response?  "At least my nuts still work."  Hmmm I take it that he was excited?

For some reason I wasn't in any hurry to tell my family.  I had to tell someone so I emailed my Sister-in-Law Jodi a couple of days later - she was the first person I told when I found out I was pregnant with Asher too.  I found out on a Wednesday and we had a wedding on Saturday so I figured we'd better tell parents because I wouldn't be drinking and I was rather tired. 

Mom's response was that I was going to ruin RJ's graduation (his party is May 19th & Graduation is the 25th) Gee, thanks Mom!  And all Dad muttered was that he was gonna have to add on to the house.  Ray & Sue's response will be a whole seperate post!


Jarrin said...

i love your dad's response... haha

MeMe Lori said...

Now to be fair, I am excited about baby 2, but will be a very busy time, hope they decided to be on MeMe's schedule.

Jill said...

Owen was due right on my little Sister's graduation too (May 25) Luckily he made it a few days later than graduation and just in time to attend her party. Made my Mom a little busy, but it worked out. Good luck!