July 13, 2011

Flyin Down a Back Road

Have you noticed that I love Country Music?
More specifically I love Brantley Gilbert & Justin Moore.  You won't ever catch me listening to the radio anymore - I have their 4 CD's on constant repeat in my truck.  While we were sunning ourselves on Saturday this song came on.  Push play because this post isn't complete without this song.
This song + Dad's SSR = Inspiration 
Flyin down a back road
With some buddies from back home
Splash of Jack in my Coke
Catchin' Brine on a Zebco
Spottin Deer in a Hayfield
After chuch, a Sunday Meal
And huggin my Mama before I go
Flyin down a back road
I'm a lucky man I've had a real good life
With all the things I've done 
Nothin gets me as high
As flyin down a back road 
With some buddies from back home  

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Brooke said...

That looks like so much fun!